Today the Irish people face a momentous decision

Today the Irish people face a momentous decision. The outcome of which will have a big impact on which direction the country goes from here.

By coming out to vote Yes the people have the opportunity to declare to the world that Ireland is open for business and is on the path to recovery.

True, the Stability Treaty in itself won’t solve all our economic problems but it will be a big step in restoring certainty and confidence in the Irish economy.

Throughout the course of the campaign we have heard a lot about what’s not in the Treaty. We should remind ourselves of the very positive reasons why we should go out and vote yes to the Stability Treaty today.

Primarily, a Yes vote is the best way of ensuring that the strong flow of investment in jobs that we have seen in recent months continues and grows.

On Tuesday of this week a large number of US companies came together under the banner of the American Chamber of Commerce to highlight the advantages of voting yes.

These companies directly employ over 100,000 people in Ireland and are responsible for €93 billion of our exports. They want to see Ireland succeed and to be more successful in attracting more foreign direct investment.

Throughout this campaign a number of businesses announced new investments and jobs. IBM, Apple, Cisco, Amgen, SAP, Paypal, Eli Lilly, Mylan, HP, Abbott and many others have all announced new jobs.

I want to continue and grow this strong flow of inward investment in the future...for our future.

Only a strong Yes will create the stability and certainty needed for that to happen.

Voting Yes is also the only way the country can access vital emergency funding, in the form of the ESM fund, if the need arises. This was confirmed by the Independent Referendum Commission and is not in doubt.

I want Ireland to have the same access as all other Euro countries to this insurance policy, which is another critical reassurance for investors and potential investors in Ireland.

Finally, by voting yes we can ensure that good housekeeping rules are put on place so that responsible budgeting becomes the norm throughout Europe.

This will ensure that no future government, here or elsewhere in Europe will be able to behave recklessly and arrogantly with the people’s money.

These are the positive reasons why people should come out and vote yes today.

It is for these reasons that I believe that a strong yes vote is essential for the future wellbeing of the country.

What you do today counts. I’m encouraging everyone to come out and vote yes for Ireland’s future.