Stability Treaty 2012

On the 31st May we as a country will make a crucially important decision.
Voting yes to the Stability Treaty will keep us on the path to recovery. The path of investment, stability and confidence. A no vote would plunge us into a period of grave and damaging uncertainty. That is the stark choice we face.

This Treaty will renew confidence in the Euro currency which is vital for our economic recovery. At the same time it will maintain confidence abroad among job creating investors like Google, Paypal and Microsoft. Recent jobs announcements were due to our renewed political and economic stability and we need to continue with this momentum.

The Treaty provides Ireland with access to emergency funding at low interest rates should we need it in the future, after our bailout programme. This is the stability and certainty that Ireland needs. Most importantly, the Treaty will allow us to manage of finances properly, to keep our national debt under control so we ensure that taxpayers’ money goes into public services and not loan repayments. If we vote yes to the Stability Treaty we will put an end the possibility of any future government spending recklessly.

They are the facts, plain and simple.

People should be in no doubt about the importance of this decision. We do not have the luxury of thinking there are no consequences. This is a decision that affects us all particularly our young people who will be the first to benefit from our recovery. I said recently that I believe in voting yes because so many of my friends – my generation - now live abroad. They have no choice. I am not suggesting that if we vote yes they will all arrive in Dublin Airport the next day. But if we vote no they, and the thousands of sons, daughters and friends like them may be marooned abroad for longer because voting no will delay our recovery. Let’s be absolutely clear. Stability and confidence welcomes investment and investment creates opportunities for growth and jobs.

We have absolutely nothing to gain from voting no. A no vote would ruin Ireland’s international perception and would make Ireland a target of the markets once again. Worse than that it would frighten potential investors and put our recovery in doubt.

We have come too far and sacrificed too much to allow that to happen. A yes vote will allow the progress we have made to continue. It will ensure we can stay focused on creating and protecting employment.

Every business person and householder knows that you cannot continue to spend more than you take in. Eventually the Stability Treaty will ensure that Europe’s governments are balancing their books while providing for their people. This in turn will ensure that Ireland and Europe are smart, stable places in which to invest and do business. Creating these conditions will allow us to create many opportunities for all our people.

Yes it will take time and yes the Stability Treaty is only part of the solution but it is a key part of the solution and it is vitally important for Ireland that we vote yes to this Treaty and continue the work towards economic growth and recovery.