Not paying household charge is unfair on those who have paid - Mitchell O’Connor

Household charge pays for services which we all benefit from

Fine Gael Dún Laoghaire TD, Mary Mitchell O’ Connor, has called on people who have not paid the household charge to do so in the interests of fairness.

“The Government has established the household charge in order to pay for local services such as parks, street lighting, emergency services and libraries, in other words the services provided by our local authorities which we all depend on and take for granted. The charge is necessary because we have a €16 billion budget deficit and need to raise the money directly from our citizens.

“As everyone benefits from good local infrastructure and facilities, it is important in terms of equity and fairness that everyone pays. We all benefit from the same public resources so it is unfair that some should effectively pay for their neighbours.

“I fear that resentment may occur between residents in a local area if some have paid their charge and others decide not to. We cannot expect our neighbours and friends to pick up the tab for the roads, playgrounds and other public facilities which we all use. In the interest of fairness, we all need to contribute.

“On a separate note, I am greatly heartened that Dun Laoghaire constituency has the highest percentage of household charge payments in the country. Given Minister Phil Hogan's indication that those areas which collect the most will receive the most funding things look positive for residents in the constituency.”