Water issues in Glantane and Lombardstown to be addressed - Collins

Fine Gael Cork North West Deputy, Áine Collins, has today (Friday) said she is delighted that funding is being made available, as a matter of priority, to deal with the water supply issues in Glantane and Lombardstown. This follows on from representations made by Deputy Collins on behalf of the people of Glantane and Lombardstown, to have the issue speedily resolved.

“The water supply for Glantane and Lombardstown has been seriously affected as a result of one of the mains bursting. The situation has gone on for too long now. The main in question was already high on the Council’s advance mains rehabilitation priority list and I am glad that funding has been secured by the Council to deal with this issue once and for all.

“Access to a reliable source of clean running water is a basic human right, which the people of Glantane and Lombardstown have been denied for many weeks. The severity of the damage to the main has been describe as unacceptable and, following representations I made on behalf of the people affected, the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government has given an undertaking to make funding available to rectify the problem.

“The Council must now prepare a submission to the Department for advanced rehabilitation works. This Government recognises the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable water system that is supported by adequate infrastructure. That is why a new State water company, Irish Water, is being established to deal with the water investment maintenance programme, giving the responsibility for our water supply to one company as opposed to 34 local authorities.

“I am delighted that the issue is to be resolved and that a reliable water supply is to be restored  for the people of Glantane and Lombardstown.”