Brexit responsibilities must be met – Richmond

-   Neale Richmond, TD

THE British Government must meet its responsibilities ahead of the most difficult period in the Brexit process, a Fine Gael TD has stated.

Deputy Neale Richmond said this Sunday, “As we enter easily the most difficult period in the Brexit process, the British Government must clearly meet its responsibilities.


“Failure to do so will have very grave consequences for a country that prides itself on being a world leader.

“Already we have seen the incredible sight of a British Cabinet Minister declaring that the British Government intends to break international law while the inflammatory rhetoric coming out of Downing Street is both false and needless.

“Elements of the Internal Market Bill clearly run contrary to the Withdrawal Agreement. Let’s not forget that this International Treaty, was agreed less than a year ago by this British Government and ratified by this British Parliament.

“The Withdrawal Agreement of course was designed to protect the integrity of an international treaty, the Good Friday Agreement, that guarantees the fragile peace on this island.

“To see this Agreement ripped open at this very late stage of negotiations is massively disappointing and raises serious concerns for the EU and all international partners when it comes to dealing with the UK as a partner.

“How can the UK be trusted to fulfil the terms of any future trade deal with the EU if they are prepared so quickly to break the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement?”

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