Helping families with new, more affordable childcare options

Fine Gael is committed to helping families with new more affordable childcare options.

From September, childcare will become more affordable for families with a new, universal payment of up to €1,040 per year will for every child between 6 months and 3 years old that is in a registered childcare setting.

There’ll also be a range of other supports available to families.

That’s around 70,000 children and their families will benefit. To find out more, parents can log on to

Did you know Fine Gael has delivered:

  • Free GP care for under 6s — parents of over 435,000 children benefitting;
  • Second free pre-school year — saving parents about €4,000 per child;
  • Two weeks’ paid paternity leave — about 65,000 fathers eligible per year;
  • Home-carer’s tax credit — increased by €290 in 2 years to €1,100 per year.