€1 in every €5 we spend under our Project Ireland 2040 plan will be spent on climate action.

A new heat pump grant for households.

A new scheme to support uptake of solar panels.

Taking coal out of Moneypoint Power Station by 2025.

Making homes, schools and buildings more energy efficient.

New Beef Environmental Efficiency scheme to make beef production more carbon efficient.

Grants for an electric vehicle home charger.

No more diesel-only buses will be purchased by Dublin Bus and the urban bus fleet.

Electrifying more of our railways, including the Maynooth and Kildare lines.

More cycling lanes and greenways across the country.

New BusConnects initiative to make bus journeys more convenient and affordable.

In the process of banning microbeads.

Banned single-use plastics in Government Depts (as much as is possible).

Banned on-land fracking.

New initiative to reduce ocean plastic waste.

€500m Climate Action Fund to support climate and energy initiatives.

Taking Ireland Forward Together

Read the full plan

Read the speech by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar


1st successful projects under Round One of €500m Climate Action Fund

ESB eCars

Up to €10 million is being provided to develop a nationwide, state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging network capable of facilitating large-scale electric vehicle uptake over the next decade.

Gas Networks Ireland: GRAZE Gas - Green Renewable Agricultural Zero Emissions Gas

Up to €8.5 million is being provided to support the installation of the first transmission connected Central Grid Injection (CGI) facility for renewable gas and a grant scheme to support circa 74 compressed natural gas vehicles.

Irish Rail: Hybrid Drive for Inter City Railcar fleet

Up to €15 million is being invested to design new hybrid power-packs for intercity railcars to reduce diesel use and greenhouse gas emissions. Following the proof of concept in one three car train, the hybrid power-packs will be implemented across the wider fleet.

Dublin City Council: Dublin District Heating System

Up to €20 million is being invested to capture waste heat generated at industrial facilities, in particular, the Dublin Waste to Energy Plant in Ringsend and piping it into homes and businesses in the Poolbeg, Ringsend and Docklands areas of Dublin city.

South Dublin County Council: The South Dublin County Council Tallaght District Heating Scheme

Up to €4.5 million is being provided to establish a sustainable district heating solution in the Tallaght area to provide low carbon heat to public sector, residential and commercial customers.

Road Management Office: Local Authority Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Project

Up to €17.5 million will be invested to retrofit all remaining 326,000 non‐LED Local Authority public lights to high efficiency LED Lanterns. Public Lighting accounts for approx. 50% of total energy use and based on the application, the project could deliver emission reduction of over 40,000 tonnes of CO2 from electricity generation per annum.

3 Counties Energy Agency: Driving HGV Efficiently into Brexit

Up to €1.4 million will be provided to support the transport sector in reducing reduce fuel consumption and emissions from vehicles by being smarter about transport use and by embracing new technologies. Over a two-year period telematic equipment will be installed in over 1,000 vehicles and appropriate training for the drivers will be provided. Through continuous monitoring and positive reinforcement of driving behaviour performance, the overall fuel efficiency is expected to increase by 10%.

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Meet Our Team

Leo Varadkar

Taoiseach and Leader of Fine Gael

Over the course of 2019, we will put in place the building blocks so that we can meet our 2030 targets and become a global leader on climate action.

Hildegarde Naughton

Chair of the Committee on Communications, Climate Action and the Environment

I believe that the time is right now for the type of deliberate and determined action to make Ireland a leader in responding to climate change.

Richard Bruton

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment

I will lead on the development of an all of government plan which will set out the actions which must be taken in every government department and body.

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