Councillor Michael Finnerty

Cllr Michael Finnerty

Galway County Council

Michael’s motto is: ‘’The councils change but values do not’’. Married to Mary, they have three children in full time education; as a result he is keenly aware of the financial challenges faced by parents of growing families. An experienced and capable public representative he has so far given 29 years service to public life. He is a member of Galway County Council since 1991, he was co-opted twice, once in 2008 to take Councillor Joe Tierney’s seat upon his retirement and subsequently in 2011 he was co-opted into Councillor Michael Mullins’ seat. He has prioritised work in Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe to ensure it continues to serve the local community, and is dedicated to looking at the reconfiguration of maternity services to ensure services are not lost out. With an impeccable record, Councillor Finnerty has not taken even one day off in thirty six years and he has 19 years service on the Urban District Council (1985 – 2004). Michael is also a member of Ballinasloe RFC, a patron of Ballinasloe Musical Society and a sponsor of the great October Fair in Ballinasloe.

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Co. Galway.
Phone: 087-6133676
Email: [email protected]

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