Ensuring that everyone can access a home.

Providing affordable, quality and accessible housing for people is an absolute priority for this Government.

We want to deliver the following:

  • An increase in housing construction to create a functioning housing market and we are targeting the construction of 25,000 new homes every year by 2020.
  • 47,000 new social housing units through a €5.35 billion Social Housing Strategy.
  • We will work together – and those with other good ideas – to address the consequences of the devastating construction bubble and the property crash.

We have launched Rebuilding Ireland, a comprehensive, fully-funded Action Plan designed to significantly increase the supply of social housing, to double the output of overall housing from the current levels to at least 25,000 per annum by 2020, to service all tenure types (social, private and rental), and to tackle homelessness in a comprehensive manner. We have also appointed a Cabinet Minister for Housing to provide political leadership on resolving the housing crisis.

In Budget 2017, we increased the housing budget by 50% and this investment will see the housing needs of over 21,000 households being met in 2017. We also introduced the Help-to-Buy scheme, a supply-side driver that will provide a 5% tax rebate for first time buyers of new builds. For more information on everything we are doing as part of Rebuilding Ireland please see: http://rebuildingireland.ie/.