Making Life Easier for Families

Empowering families to overcome the challenges thrown up by life.

Family is at the core of who we are as a society. Families must be empowered to overcome the challenges thrown up by life and reach their potential. We must ensure that the needs of families are at the centre of public policy making.

We will continue the progress made to date, for example:

  • Taxation Changes: We have continued to increase the level at which people pay the higher rate of income tax and cut the USC. Over the next five budgets we have committed to increase the point at which people pay the top rate of tax to €50,000 for a single person or €100,000 for a two income couple.
  • Childcare: As part of Budget 2019, we announced the introduction of a new paid parental leave scheme, which will commence later this year. This new scheme will initially provide for two weeks of paid, non-transferable leave per parent, with a view to expanding the scheme and increasing the number of weeks of paid leave for both parents in future years
  • School Recruitment: As a result of Budget 2019 over 1,300 additional posts in schools will be funded: 950 extra SNAs & 372 teachers.
  • Tackling Poverty: Recent CSO data indicates that incomes are rising both at the individual and household level and enforced deprivation has fallen by over a third.
  • Pension Rates: We have increased the maximum rate of the State Pension by €18 per week over last 4 budgets.
  • New Deal for the Self Employed: Fine Gael has extended Treatment Benefits and Invalidity Pension to the self-employed, introduced the ‘Earned Income Tax Credit’ – now at €1,350 and the self-employed will become eligible for Jobseeker’s Benefit in 2019.

Minimum Wage: In December 2010 Fianna Fáil cut the Minimum Wage to €7.65. We increased it to €9.80 in January 2019, the fifth such increase under Fine Gael.

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