Revitalising Rural Ireland

Advancing economic and social progress in rural Ireland.


Improving the lives of those living and working in rural communities is a priority. Our objective is to ensure the success of vibrant, rural communities across Ireland. That means supporting the creation of 135,000 jobs in rural Ireland, bringing high-speed broadband to every home and business and revitalising towns and villages through 4,000 projects. The appointment of a Cabinet Minister and Department with responsibility for Rural Development and this Action Plan reflect our commitment to this important task.

The Action Plan builds on the successful model used in the Action Plan for Jobs and is the outcome of extensive consultation. It identifies over 270 specific actions, and assigns responsibility for delivery of each action to a Government Department or other body within a clear timeframe. Ambitious targets are included for job creation, connectivity, culture, tourism and town and village improvements. Taken together, these actions will deliver practical measures to support the economic and social development of rural Ireland. They will ensure our rural communities are vibrant, robust and ready to face future challenges.

There is huge untapped potential in rural Ireland. These are strong communities with ideas and ambition for their futures. The objective of this Action Plan is to help communities unlock that potential and improve the lives of people living in rural Ireland. The 2014 Report of the Commission for the Economic Development of Rural Areas identified the key issues facing rural Ireland in the 21st century. The report contained a series of recommendations to Government, many of which have already been implemented, and provided Government with the information necessary for the formulation of new policies to better support rural Ireland.

Implementation of the actions in this Plan will be monitored closely and reports will be submitted every six months to the Cabinet Committee on Regional and Rural Affairs. There will be published progress reports on the delivery of each action, as well as the addition of new actions in response to new challenges and opportunities.


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