A Strong Economy to support a Fair Society

Maintaining a strong economy and delivering full-employment by 2020.


People are now back at work

The services and opportunities that contribute to a fair society are underpinned by a strong economy.  Fine Gael is committed to meeting the needs of a growing population and to repair the damage to our economic and social infrastructure from the economic collapse and cuts in public expenditure.

Since we launched the Action Plan for Jobs in early 2012, over 225,000 people are now back at work and bringing home a pay packet.

Did You Know?

2016 saw 66,100 new jobs created and 70% of them were created outside of Dublin. This means that the strong jobs growth that is taking place is spread right across Ireland in every region of the country.


We want to deliver the following:

  • Sustainable full employment which means an extra 200,000 jobs by 2020, of which 135,000 will be outside of Dublin, leading to more people at work than ever before.
  • Implementing a national and regional Action Plan for Jobs and reduce the unemployment rate to 6%.
  • Maintain Ireland’s 12.5% corporation tax, while reducing the rate of Capital Gains Tax for new start-ups to 10% from 2017
  • Continue to phase out the USC as part of a wider medium-term income tax reform plan.
  • Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit from €550 to €1,650 for the self-employed, to match the PAYE credit, by 2018.
  • Explore the mechanisms through which SMEs can reward key employees with share options in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Introduce a PRSI scheme for the self-employed and provide a supportive tax regime for entrepreneurs and the self-employed.
  • Increase the Small Benefits Exemption (voucher) from €500 to €650, which is equivalent to approximately one week’s wages for those on the average industrial wage.
  • Seek to deliver €1bn per year from new sources of finance to supplement normal bank offerings to SMEs.
  • Improve smaller Irish businesses’ access to the €8bn public procurement market in Ireland.
  • Facilitate the return of 70,000 emigrants increasing the pool of local talent.
  • Ensure 85% of premises in Ireland has access to high speed broadband by 2018, with 100% access by 2021.

We want to make Ireland a country in which every citizen shares in the benefits of economic growth and, in turn, lives in a fair society.