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Fine Gael Budget 2022


Budget 2022 is all about helping people and families with the cost of living.
This Budget is a pathway to a better and different future, and it will make progress in three areas:

  1. Firstly, continuing to help our country recover from Covid-19.
  2. Secondly, restoring public services as we put this pandemic behind us.
  3. And thirdly, repairing our public finances.

  • Changes to tax bands and tax credits allowing workers to keep more of their own money.
  • Work from home tax break.
  • €5 increase for pensioners, jobseekers and other welfare recipients from January.
  • Minimum wage increase to €10.50 — the EIGHTH time Fine Gael has increased it.
  • Carers’ allowance to increase by €5 and more carers will qualify for payments.
  • Workers to qualify for dental treatment benefits after two year’s PRSI, down from five.
  • Qualified child payment will increase by €2 to €40 for under-12s, and by €3 to €48 for over-12s.
  • €10 increase in the income threshold for the working family payment.
  • Greater access to dental benefits for young people aged between 25 and 28 years by reducing PRSI contributions.
  • Reducing hospital charges for children.
  • Capping the cost of medicines at €100.
  • Christmas bonus paid in full.
  • Back-to-school allowance to increase by €10.
  • €5 increase in fuel allowance to take effect immediately.
  • Extension of the period during which the domiciliary care allowance can be paid for children in hospital from three months to six months.
  • Hot meals programme will expand to all DEIS primary schools that applied to the Programme.
  • Further increase of two weeks in Parent’s Benefit to seven weeks from next July.
  • National Childcare Scheme will be expanded to include children up to 15 years of age.
  • VRT exemption for electric cars to be extended for two years.
  • Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) will be extended to April and the payment levels will be tapered down in the meantime.

  • Half-price public transport for people ages 19 to 23.
  • €194 million for homeless services.
  • Help-to-buy scheme being extended to end of December 22.
  • €200 million for retrofitting in excess of 22,000 homes.
  • €65 million for housing adaptation grants for Older People and Persons with a Disability.
  • Additional 800 Gardaí will be recruited next year bringing total number to over 15,000 and a 20% increase in the Garda mountain bike unit.
  • 400 Garda civilian staff to be recruited bringing total to 3,800 – highest ever level.
  • €2 million for a new community safety innovation fund.
  • €13 million to help tackle domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.
  • €250 million to tackle waiting lists.
  • Dedicated Women’s Health package of €31 million to include access to free contraception and progress at tackling period poverty.
  • Free GP care for children aged six and seven.
  • Drug Repayment Scheme limit to come down to €100 from €114.
  • Pupil/teacher ratio will be reduced by one point at primary level.
  • Increase in SUSI student maintenance grant of €200.
  • 1,165 more special needs assistants.
  • Extra 980 teachers in special education.

  • We must repair our public finances after a deficit of €18.5bn in 2020. We cannot saddle our younger generations with extra debt as borrowing costs are set to rise.
  • Our debt is now €240bn which is nearly €50k for every man, woman and child.
  • Our balanced Budgets pre-Covid enabled our extra spending during Covid. Likewise, sound public finances will protect our economy and citizens in the uncertain years ahead.
  • Budget 2022 is prudent and sees our deficit decrease to €8bn (2% of GDP) in 2022.
  • The Government will only be borrowing to finance capital investment, from next year.