Supporting President Michael D Higgins

Vote No. 1 Michael D Higgins

Fine Gael is supporting President Michael D Higgins because he is:

  • A strong unifying force for our country.
  • A great ambassador at home and abroad.
  • A caring and compassionate advocate for our people.
  • A President in whom we can all be proud.

Fine Gael is supporting a Yes vote to remove the offence of blasphemy from our Constitution.

  • We believe that freedom of belief and expression are important values in a democratic society. Criminalising blasphemy is not consistent with these values.
  • Ireland is a country that respects religious diversity and religious freedom at home and around the world. We speak out when countries sentence blasphemers to death, violent punishment or imprisonment. Our voice will be stronger if we remove blasphemy from our Constitution.
  • Blasphemy has no place in the modern Constitution of a democratic society. It has no place in its statute book.