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Green Week

Discover simple tips to help you go green

Green Tips

Our climate is changing, so we are raising awareness about how you can be greener, what supports are available to you and why we need your help to tackle climate change.

Our winters are becoming colder, lasting longer and featuring more extreme weather events. Our summers are also becoming hotter, which brings its own set of challenges. These trends are set to continue and so we must act now.

Our plans over the coming years are ambitious, but we need everyone to make small changes in their lives so that our beautiful country can remain beautiful for generations to come.

Check out our website for lots of simple tips and changes you can make to help go green.

We have recently launched a 10-year National Development Plan, which will commit €21.8bn on actions designed specifically to protect our environment and move towards a greener society.

In fact, €1 in every €5 being spent under our plan will be on tackling climate change.

Simon, Hildegarde and Tim.