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Budget 2024

Fine Gael knows people and families are finding it hard to pay their bills due to the rise in the cost of living.

Budget 2024 will help by putting more money back in your pocket, focusing on child poverty and wellbeing, and helping businesses with their rising costs.

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There will be:

Tax package

A tax package that rewards work and allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money, because people pay too much income tax and USC;

Pensions and welfare package

A pensions and welfare package so that older people, carers, and the most vulnerable get the help they need with rising costs;

A focus on children

A focus on child poverty and child wellbeing, for example, by reducing childcare costs for families and improving access to services;

Business package

A package for business to help with their higher costs (like high wages and energy bills so they don’t have to pass them on to the consumer)

There will also be some one-off measures to help households with high energy costs this winter.

Once again, we will boost investment in health, housing and education. Because of the last Budget, primary school books are free, childcare is less expensive and in-patient hospital charges are gone, and by the end of this year roughly half of Irish people will have free GP care for the first time. We will build on this progress in Budget 2024.

We will also be thinking long-term and about the future by setting aside some surplus taxes to pay down the national debt, build more roads, railways, schools, housing and hospitals and we will also set up a fund for future pension costs.

All of this is only possible because Fine Gael in Government made the right decisions and pursued the right economic policies for the past ten years. We should not forget that or take it for granted. We are a small open economy and are vulnerable to external shocks from abroad and policy shifts at home.

Leo Varadkar, TD


Paschal Donohoe, TD

Minister for Public Expenditure, National Development Plan Delivery & Reform.