We value our members and encourage everyone to participate in as many aspects of the organisation as they can. This can range from discussing policy, to helping run the organisation.


At its core level, Fine Gael is made up of units of the organisation called branches, which are organised at parish or community level.

Constituency Executive

The branches are represented at constituency level on a constituency executive.

Executive Council

The Party’s members and units are all represented collectively on the Party’s Executive Council, Fine Gael’s senior executive body which takes core organisational decisions for the Party and is elected at the Party’s Ard Fheis.


At each Dáil, local and European election the Party runs candidates nominated by members at a convention.

Parliamentary Party

Elected TDs, along with members of the Seanad and Fine Gael Members of the European Parliament, together form the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party.

Party Leader

At national level, Fine Gael is led by the Party Leader. He or she is elected using an Electoral College system, which is comprised of the Parliamentary Party (65%), Local Public Representatives (10%), and the Membership (25%).


The leader chooses members of the party’s policy making Ministers (or when in opposition, its front bench).