250,000 jobs lost during FF’s last three years in power – Corcoran Kennedy

-   Sarah Meade

Fine Gael Laois/Offaly TD, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, has hit back at claims from Barry Cowen that the Government is failing to tackle the jobs crisis, saying that during Fianna Fáil’s last three years in power over a quarter of a million jobs were lost in the private sector.

“When this Government came into office, we inherited an economy in free fall. Thanks to the mismanagement of the economy by Fianna Fáil, tens of thousands of jobs were being lost had been lost month on month.

“Now, thanks to the measures implemented by the Government to support the domestic economy and attract high quality foreign direct investment, the unemployment crisis has stabilised.

“Figures released this week show Irish exporting companies created more than 13,600 new jobs, showing Irish companies are reaching new markets.

“During Fianna Fáil’s term in office unemployment rates sky rocketed. Barry Cowen has absolutely no credibility to talk on this issue.

“While the challenge in the Midlands remains considerable, positive jobs announcement were made by a number of firms over the last 12 months, including DPD Ireland and Shay Murtagh Precast Ltd. The construction of wind turbines in Mount Lucas will also lead to significant job creation.

“My job as a Government TD is to ensure job creation in the Midlands remains high on the agenda. Last year, almost 75% of the new jobs created by Enterprise Ireland firms were outside the Dublin/Mid-East region. We need to ensure as many as possible are being brought to the Midlands.

“The Government’s plan since assuming office is to support a transition from the old, failed economy based on property, banking and debt to a new, sustainable economy based on enterprise, exports and innovation.

“During Fianna Fáil’s last three years in power, over a quarter of a million jobs were lost in the private sector. Deputy Cowen should consider this figure the next time he sees fit to criticise the Government’s job creation initiatives.”



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