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A directly elected mayor for Waterford would be a real opportunity to drive change – Coffey

23rd May 2019 - Senator Paudie Coffey

Waterford city and county has a real opportunity tomorrow to choose a system where a directly elected mayor can champion development of the whole region, a Fine Gael Senator has said.


“Waterford is on the cusp of real change that will see the city and county continue to grow into a thriving region in the South East. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and ensure we keep pressing forward with this change,” Senator Paudie Coffey said.


“The Fine Gael lead government has prioritised investment in the region under Project Ireland 2040 and a directly elected mayor, who will be accountable to the people, will be able to ensure that this focus is used to Waterford’s advantage.


“A mayor will be able to work with elected reps and the public to create an ambitious vision for what Waterford can be and will have the power to work to achieve that.


“By having a people’s mayor it will bring decision making about the most important issues affecting Waterford to Waterford for the first time. The importance of that can’t be underestimated,” he added.


“With a world-class third level institution, a thriving local arts scene and a growing enterprise community, Waterford cannot afford to be left behind. A mayor would ensure that this doesn’t happen.


“Voting yes will allow the people of Waterford elect a mayor with real clout and influence. This is a chance to redress the power imbalance at local authority level for the better of the city and county,” he said.


“This is a radical reform and the first time that people have been given an opportunity to make such a critical change in how local government is run. I urge people to Vote Yes to ensure that Waterford has every chance to put its best foot forward.”


Voters in Waterford will be asked to vote in a plebiscite tomorrow (Friday 24th May).

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