Banning alcohol advertising near schools is a big win from the Public Health Alcohol Bill – Noone

-   Senator Catherine Noone

Banning alcohol advertising within 200 metres of schools is a real win from the Public Health Alcohol Bill which passed through the Seanad today. That’s according to Senator Catherine Noone who has supported the need for this legislation for many years.

“Today was a great day with the passing of the Public Health Alcohol Bill through the Seanad. This legislation is for the benefit of all in society, but it is also very much for children.

“While the alcohol industry would argue that alcohol advertising does not increase consumption, we know that is not the case or they wouldn’t engage in it and invest in it so heavily.

“People form habits as children and much of today’s alcohol advertising is aimed at children.

“In the Seanad debate today I disagreed with Senator Michael McDowell who claimed that the sheer number of schools in South Dublin means that banning alcohol advertising near schools is unworkable.

“Actually the huge number of schools in the area proves why we need to ban alcohol advertising to protect so many children from its negative effects.

“We also must find ways to help small rural shops to innovate and find new ways to make profit that don’t see them dependent on alcohol sales.

“This is where legislators have failed in the past, allowing alcohol to become like any other commodity sold in shops.

“Today with the passing of this legislation we have made a real statement; alcohol is not like any other product, it is a drug and should be treated as such.”


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