Better manners required by LUAS users – Richmond

-   Senator Neale Richmond

ETIQUETTE amongst Dublin’s LUAS users needs to improve, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Dublin Rathdown Fine Gael Senator, Neale Richmond, today said LUAS bosses, Transdev, can assist greatly in making life easier for all commuters and start by asking commuters wearing backpacks to remove them.


“With over 100,000 daily users, the popularity of LUAS as a mode of transport is clear. However, the downside to such high passenger numbers is the increasing level of congestion on LUAS trams, particularly at peak service times.


“We all know the rush hour times when you can be crammed in against someone else on a very warm tram with window condensation, but there are ways in which life as a commuter can become more tolerable for all.


“One regular complaint is the large number of commuters who fail to remove their backpacks when standing on a packed tram. The net effect discommodes passengers and results in vital standing space being taken up.


“A simple measure to partially alleviate this would be if Transdev would replicate signage already in use in London on the underground asking commuters to remove backpacks while on trams.


“The other benefit to a more considerate approach would be to reduce pick pocketing of such backpacks.


“While the removal of a backpack seems pretty straight forward, signage encouraging this practice is evidently needed.


“Much like not putting feet up on seats; a little bit of cop on can go a long way to making journeys more comfortable.”


Senator Richmond also said some tram users pretend not to hear announcements from drivers to move down central aisles to allow others aboard at various stops on both red and green lines.


“They create bottlenecks and refuse to move down the central aisle. As a result the tram isn’t operating at full capacity when it is very clear that the trams are oversubscribed and we could use more operating.


“Also, a bit of common courtesy should be used by all. When a tram stops at a platform, those waiting to get on board should allow commuters off first as well as those standing near doors.


“There is nothing wrong with being polite. This also applies to allowing the elderly or pregnant women sit down on packed trams. We have all seen incidents where groups pretend they do not see the frail pensioner or the person who needs the seat more standing up and they refuse to offer him or her a seat.


“A bit more cop-on and courtesy to all would be a good way to begin 2019 for all using Luas trams” Senator Richmond said.



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