Bodycams required for security of delivery cyclists – Seery-Kearney

18th February 2021 - Mary Seery-Kearney

Bodycams should be supplied to vulnerable delivery cyclists to help ensure their personal safety as they carry out their work, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Dublin Senator Mary Seery-Kearney recently met with senior management from Deliveroo to raise concerns about safety and working conditions for delivery cyclists after a spate of attacks, bike thefts and anti-social behaviour were reported.

Senator Seery-Kearney said: “Following my meeting with Deliveroo and subsequent engagement with the company, I have called on the company to consider the supply of bodycams as a supportive security means to help these young vulnerable cyclists out trying to earn a living.

“I have written to the Data Protection Commission for more clarity on the implications of this, given the interactive role of the cyclists, but I believe it would certainly help ensure the safety of these workers as they carry out their job.”

Senator Seery-Kearney continued: “I have also called on the company to ensure the Deliveroo riders come forward to the gardaí to report any and all incidents of anti-social behaviour against them.

“This would at least permit the identification of anti-social blackspots and ensure increased security measures are in place to protect workers.

“It was recently brought to my attention that Deliveroo workers had been forced to avoid delivering to certain areas of Dublin over fears for their own personal safety after previous incidents.

“I raised this issue with Deliveroo regarding the serious shortfalls in health and safety measures for these workers but also in the context of the knock-on effect this has on local businesses and residents.

“I have also engaged with the gardaí and my Fine Gael colleague the Minister for Justice on this matter.

“Malicious attacks not only target these vulnerable workers, they target the whole community with knock on consequences for businesses and customers.

“Deliveroo must take urgent action to ensure their workers are protected.”



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