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Buttimer calls for Yoga to be taught in schools

25th February 2019 - Senator Jerry Buttimer

Senator Jerry Buttimer Leader of Seanad Eireann is calling for a new approach in the well-being of children by introducing yoga to schools.

Senator Buttimer said: “With the ever increasingly busy life style on our young children we must help to educate and develop skills to deal with the pressures they may encounter in life.

“The impact and strain of technology and the increased pressure on young children in their daily lives need the tools to deal with challenges they may face. It is a sad reflection that one out of four young people may experience depression before they reach the age of nineteen.

“I believe that modern thinking in our education system not only in providing an education but also fostering new ways to help young people develop higher levels of self-esteem and furnish a more positive environment in school and will benefit family life.

“The introduction of Yoga as a school activity in primary schools may lead to better well-being and aid in our children developing good mental health. I believe it will also help in children developing confidence, reinforce stronger relationships with friends and family.

Senator Buttimer said “Yoga may be one of many tools to aid in the development of a child’s well-being through into adulthood.”


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