Citizens’ Assembly will help make Ireland the first country in the world with true gender equality – Corcoran-Kennedy

-   Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD

A new Citizens’ Assembly will help achieve our aim of making Ireland the first country in the world with true gender equality, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Deputy Marcella Corcoran Kennedy said: “Ireland is a country that has made great strides forward when it comes to equality between men and women in recent years.

“We have changed laws on divorce, reproductive rights and domestic violence. We have more women at work, more women who are financially independent and more women rising to the top of their career ladders than ever before.

“However I don’t think anyone can argue for a second that Ireland is a country where men and women are totally equal – we still have great strides to make.”

Deputy Corcoran-Kennedy continued: “The current pace of change is too slow. If we maintain the status quo, it could take generations for us to see true equality.

“The Citizen’s Assembly is the first step for great change and will help make Ireland the first country in the world where men and women are entirely equal.

“Women are still paid less than men, women still find it harder to make it to the top of their professions and there is still a very unequal share of the burden of care between men and women.”

Deputy Corcoran-Kennedy continued: “The Assembly will begin in October and will be given about six months to do its work.

“It will bring forward proposals to the Dáil to advance gender equality that challenge the remaining barriers and social norms and attitudes that facilitate gender discrimination.

“The Assembly will also seek to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in the workplace, politics and public life.

“The Assembly will also recognise the importance of early years parental care and seek to facilitate greater work-life balance; and examine the social responsibility of care and women and men’s co-responsibility for care, especially within the family.”

Deputy Corcoran-Kennedy concluded: “I very much look forward to the work of the Citizen’s Assembly and to acting promptly on their recommendations.”


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