Clune welcomes 13% reduction in Irish road deaths

27th June 2017 - Deirdre Clune MEP

Ireland South MEP and member of the EU Transport committee, Deirdre Clune, has welcomed a 13% reduction in road deaths in Ireland so far in 2017.
Commenting on the figures, Clune said, “We still have a long way to go and should continue to look to countries like Switzerland who registered a 15% drop in road deaths in 2016.
“Deaths have declined by 34% in Switzerland since 2010, and by 60% since 2001. The country now has the lowest road mortality (26 deaths per million inhabitants) in Europe, along with Norway.
“Road safety measures need constant attention. While I welcome the figures moving in the right direction, we have to keep hammering home the message on road safety.
“Speeding is a primary factor in about one third of fatal collisions. The use of mobile phones on our roads has increasingly become a problem and we know the issue of drink driving needs continuous vigilance.
“According to the European Commission, non-resident drivers account for approximately 5% of road traffic in the EU but are responsible for 15% of detected speeding offences.
“Detailed analysis of road accident data from across Europe by the European Transport Safety Council estimate that up to 40% of all road deaths are work-related and that over 26,000 people are killed on our roads in Europe annually. “
Clune’s comments come as two people sadly lost their lives in road traffic accidents over the weekend.
She said: “Figures show that so far in 2017, 76 people have lost their lives on Irish roads, 15 pedestrians, 34 drivers, 11 passengers, 5 motorcyclists, 10 cyclists and 1 pillion passenger.
“We need to remember that each of these people had a family and friends, their deaths have left a void in the lives of those who loved them. One death on our roads is one too many.
“We need to keep driving the message of road safety home. Take care on the roads, don’t drive too fast, check you mirrors and don’t use your phone when driving.”


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