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Covid Certs could be the key to reopening nightclubs – Ahearn

16th October 2021 - Senator Garret Ahearn

Covid certs could be the key to reopening nightclubs and extending opening hours, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Tipperary Senator Garret Ahearn said: “I have been campaigning for the continued use of Digital Covid Certificates in restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the winter months to protect public health and promote strong business in the hospitality sector. I welcome the fact that the hospitality sector seems open to this.

“I also really believe that Covid Certs could be the key to reopening the nightclub sector and extending opening hours. We must now look at extending their remit for this purpose.

“In recent days, members of NPHET have cautioned about rising case numbers and of course we must all be vigilant in adhering to the basic but necessary public health measures that allowed us to get on top of earlier waves of Covid-19.

“In tandem with that however, we must continue to make progress in the lifting of remaining restrictions when it is safe to do so. The night-time hospitality sector has been so badly hit by the pandemic and already they are seeing staff leave in their droves to other sectors.

“Many young people want to get back to as full a nightlife as possible, however they want to do so safely. They would feel much safer socialising if they knew everyone in a nightclub around them was vaccinated.

“The continuation of the Digital Covid Cert for hospitality, and the extension of its remit to night-time venues would also act as an incentive for those who are still unvaccinated to go and get the vaccine. It’s time to seriously examine this and bring our night-time economy back to life. Our towns and cities depend on it,” Senator Ahearn concluded.

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