Cyclists must be treated with the respect they deserve – Cannon

25th April 2021 - Ciaran Cannon TD

Cyclists must be treated with the respect they deserve on our country’s roads, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Deputy Ciaran Cannon has urged motorists to give ample space when overtaking people on bikes following disturbing footage circulated online of a cyclist being pushed into a grass verge by someone leaning out of a moving car window.

Deputy Cannon said: “This is quite frankly disgusting behaviour – this was an unspeakably dangerous ‘prank’ and the cyclist is lucky to be alive.

“The truth is, there is a culture and mindset developing towards cyclists whereby they are treated as lower class intruders on our national road network.

“Every cyclist on our roads is someone’s brother, sister, son, or daughter.

“Whether it’s a child cycling to school, a nurse cycling to work, or a group of friends out keeping healthy, they are all vulnerable and deserving of a safe space on Ireland’s roads.”

Deputy Cannon continued: “It’s not much to ask – there’s no hierarchy of road users and all cyclists should be afforded a space to feel safe in. Motorists need to take the time to overtake us safely, so that we all get home to the people who love us.

“When passing a cyclist, remember to ensure you give them a minimum of 1 metre of safe space in speed zones of up to 50kph and 1.5 metres in speed zones over 50kph.

“It’s not difficult. Let’s start making Ireland’s roads safer for all by acknowledging how vulnerable cyclists are and treating them with the respect they deserve.”


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