Disorderly Fianna Fáil in favour of Disorderly Brexit – McEntee

-   Barry Duggan

Fine Gael Minister for European Affairs, Helen McEntee, has called for Fianna Fail to provide clarity on their Brexit position after a senior MEP stated that he will oppose the Withdrawal Agreement.


Minister McEntee made her comments as it emerged today that Fianna Fáil MEP, Billy Kelleher, stated in a letter that he will vote against the Withdrawal Agreement when it reaches the European Parliament in the coming weeks.


“With just 16 days until the UK leaves the EU, Billy Kelleher has stated that he will vote against the Brexit agreement and, thus, in favour of a no-deal crashout that could see a border on the island of Ireland.


“This is somewhat bewildering. Billy Kelleher recently ran in the European elections for Fianna Fáil and now seems to be running from his own party’s alleged steadfast position as to ensuring that we avoid a no-deal Brexit,” Minister McEntee said.


“The next stage of Brexit has to be negotiated and agreed by the end of 2020. It will be interesting to hear from leadership within Fianna Fáil as to exactly what the people of Ireland can expect from them in relation to Brexit.


“This ‘red flag’ from a senior MEP is yet another example of a Fianna Fail party with no coherent plans for the country and who can’t be trusted to be in charge of the next stage of the Brexit negotiations.


“We need consistently and order. What Billy Kelleher is proposing will only create disorder.


“Is seems quite clear that this disorderly Fianna Fáil are in favour of a disorderly Brexit,” Minister McEntee said.

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