Drone deliveries could help Ireland meet climate action targets – Farrell

11th August 2021 - Alan Farrell TD

Drone deliveries offer a new way of moving products to their destinations and can help Ireland meet its targets on climate change, Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell has said.

Deputy Farrell, Fine Gael’s Spokesperson on Climate Action, has said, “New and entrepreneurial companies are teaming up with restaurants, supermarkets and even pharmacies, among other businesses, to provide cutting edge delivery processes. One such company, ‘Manna’, following pilot schemes in Galway, aim to expand to Balbriggan and eventually cover the Fingal area.

“The availability of this technology offers an exciting new chapter for deliveries in our communities, making faster, more efficient and cleaner ways of transporting products. By being early adaptors of new innovations, Ireland can become a leader in transforming our society to become a Net-Zero emitter by 2050.

Deputy Farrell continued, “Moreover, these companies, as they grow, will bring new jobs to the economy, developing the technology and environmentally sustainable job sectors. The Government is committed to developing green jobs and the Green Economy.

“Earlier this year the National Recovery and Resilience Plan was launched, at the heart of which was the Green Economy and a Green Transition. Included in the plan, among much more, is:

  • €55m for decarbonisation of the enterprise sector.
  • €85m to drive digital transformation in the enterprise sector.
  • €19m to support 5G development to drive innovation.
  • €114m for the SOLAS Green Skills Action Programme – creating new opportunities for people to retrain or upskill.”

Deputy Farrell added, “The safe and regulated use of clean technology is imperative to the transformation of our society to a Net-Zero emitter; the kind of change we must make. Drone technology is one example of how we can make these changes and in the case of drone deliveries, make it more efficient, cheaper and quicker for consumers.”


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