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FF anti-property tax campaign is a joke

Fine Gael Dublin North TD, Alan Farrell, has today (Wednesday) branded Fianna Fáil’s anti-property tax campaign as a joke, and a cynical, disingenuous political stunt.

“It is quiet incredible that Fianna Fáil elected representatives can launch this campaign with a straight face. This is the same Party that committed to a property tax in their revised Programme for Government in 2009; the same Party that included a property tax in the National Recovery Plan 2011-2014; the same Party that signed up to the EU-IMF agreement and the same party that drove this country close to the brink.

“I should add that this is also the same Party that abolished local rates, for political gain, back in 1977, leaving our tax base depleted and restricted ever since.

“Fianna Fáil claims that it wants to engage in constructive Opposition politics, and yet it comes out with cynical stunts like this. Will Fianna Fáil be encouraging people to break the law, and not pay the tax, once it is introduced?

“We all realise that this is a very difficult time to be introducing any new tax. But unfortunately, due to the economic reality brought about by Fianna Fáil’s mismanagement of the country, we need to put our tax base on a more sustainable footing.

“Ireland is one of the last countries in Europe to fund local services through local property-based charges. Furthermore, the Commission on Taxation has recommended the introduction of a property tax as a more reliable stream of funding for local Government.

“The Taoiseach has said the Government wants the property tax to be introduced in a way that is as fair and affordable as possible. Fianna Fáil should stop trying to rewrite history by engaging in such a disingenuous and populist campaign.”

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