FF continue to dodge questions on their lack of housing policy – O’Dowd

-   Fergus O'Dowd TD

Fianna Fáil’s policy on housing is to simply talk about producing one but failing to ever do so, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Louth TD Fergus O’Dowd, who is a member of the Oireachtas Housing Committee, said, “This week we have again seen Fianna Fáil dodge serious questions on their housing policy, or lack thereof.

“Despite endlessly criticising the Government’s housing plan – a plan that is delivering thousands of homes each year, has identified a path to addressing the current housing situation, and most importantly, correcting the market so we do not see a repeat of the mistakes of the past – Fianna Fáil have yet to offer any alternatives. They provide no plans or solutions.

“Instead, as we have seen across a number of issues, Fianna Fáil opt instead to bluster about producing policies, or throw out half baked ideas that don’t stand up to even the faintest hint of scrutiny.

“It is now more than 600 days since FF promised to publish a housing policy. In the time that we have been waiting we have delivered thousands of homes, and have taken significant action to increase supply.

“In that time FF have offered a series of ideas that sound as though they were made up on the spot, unimplementable and in some cases actually illegal.

“Micheál Martin talked about reducing VAT for first time buyers, which can’t be done under EU rules, and FF have also disingenuously suggested that they can interfere with Central Bank rules.

“On Thursday, Deputy Martin did his first major interview in almost a fortnight. He couldn’t offer a single explanation as to why his party are putting forward illegal housing solutions.

“In politics it is easy to identify an issue and think that your job is done – in Fine Gael we know that that is only the first step: what is required is well thought out plans and follow through.

“For FF it seems this lesson has still not sunk in: despite being given a chance in opposition to reconsider what they can bring to the table they have reverted to type and are a party devoid of policies, plans and solutions.

“Can FF please let us know if work has even begun on their housing policy or are we to expect a series of more ill-thought out ideas in the place of any policy?”

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