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Fianna Fáil must stop attacks on media – Heydon

14th January 2020 - Martin Heydon TD

FIANNA Fáil attacks on media scrutiny needs to immediately stop, the Fine Gael party chairman has said.

“Yesterday, rather than answering questions, the first instinct of a Fianna Fáil representative was to attack media for legitimate scrutiny.

“It is clear from the tetchy response from a number of Fianna Fáil representatives out on the airwaves yesterday that it has come somewhat of a shock to them that the public and the media will rightly scrutinise their policies, or lack thereof.

“For years now, Fianna Fáil have been asleep at the wheel and have taken free reign in pontificating from the side-lines. Now, for the first time in a long time, Fianna Fáil are about to be scrutinised.

“Their lack of well-considered policies and fresh ideas is deafening to say the least. The robust critique and analysis by the media is not something that Fine Gael has ever been afraid of.

“It is simply wrong that the Irish Media is attacked by Fianna Fáil for doing their job. I would respectfully suggest the Fianna Fáil leadership take a moment of self-reflection before attacking our media again.”

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