Fianna Fáil’s roll out of flip-flopping on broadband – Heydon

-   Martin Heydon TD

THE hypocrisy emerging from Fianna Fáil on the Government’s National Broadband Plan is staggering even by their standards, Fine Gael Parliamentary Party Chairman Martin Heydon has said tonight.

“This evening, Timmy Dooley has claimed the rollout will take ten years. Where is the evidence of this? Where is Timmy getting his figures from? Let’s see him back up tangible evidence of this.

“A total of 540,000 homes will have high speed broadband within seven years of the contract being signed this year,” Deputy Heydon said.

Deputy Heydon, a Fine Gael TD for Kildare South, said Fianna Fáil are keenly set against the roll out of broadband to rural Ireland.

“What have they against the most remote parts of the country getting the same level of services that will benefit all communities? Why aren’t they supporting the Government decision to ensure broadband reaches all? Will Timmy explain to those in Clare, along the west coast and other rural regions, that don’t have broadband, why Fianna Fáil doesn’t support today’s move?

“Timmy calls today’s decision an election stunt. That’s strange as just a few weeks ago, he was on his feet in the Dáil demanding that an announcement be made. ‘But it is imperative that we reach a decision without delay’. These were the very words uttered by Timmy in relation to the National Broadband Plan in the Dáil on March 27 last.[1]

“Fianna Fáil make it up as they go along. Their position keeps changing but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. They demand a decision and then claim it is a stunt when a decision is made. Timmy is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Flip-flopping is his party’s only consistency and their roll-out on this continues unabated today.

“Fianna Fáil have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to the issue so they criticise for the sake of it. Perhaps they should obey the old maxim, if you have nothing useful to say, say nothing,” Deputy Heydon added.

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