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Fianna Fáil’s spending calls in 2018 came to €3.5bn – Burke

8th January 2019 - Peter Burke TD

Fianna Fáil’s wild and rash spending calls for 2018 amounted to at least €3.5 billion in public expenditure, a Fine Gael TD has said.


Fine Gael Deputy Peter Burke today said that for their 2019 New Year Resolution, the opposition party needs to cost, detail and explain where public money should be spent in 2019, rather than making loose calls for spending on proposals across the board without due consideration of the financial implications involved.


Deputy Burke said, “While it would be a complete departure from the norm for Fianna Fáil, perhaps in 2019 they will actually cost their proposals. They need to tell us why a policy should receive the benefit of public financial support and also consider the implications that such a suggestion would have on other public services.


“This would be of far more benefit this year to the people that elected them rather than demanding irrational spending claims which dominated Fianna Fáil’s agenda throughout last year,” Deputy Burke said.


“There is no coherent strategy from Fianna Fáil, just their well-worn approach of throw cash at whatever the issue is. ‘When we have it we spend it’ still seems to be the Fianna Fáil mantra.


“This is exactly the type of mentality that led us into the financial turmoil we faced a decade ago – absolutely nobody, not even Fianna Fáil dare I suggest, will want to go back there,” he added.


Throughout 2018, Deputy Burke listed and tallied Fianna Fáil spending demands which amounted to €3.5 billion.


“This is a minimum and conservative estimate and does not include the many more spending calls made by Micheál Martin’s party which are impossible to cost.


“Nevertheless that didn’t stop Fianna Fáil’s financial recklessness. For the first five months of the year, they made spending calls amounting to €1.5bn and they managed to add at least €2bn onto that tally for the remaining months of 2018.


“Fianna Fáil and Micheál Martin have displayed good political judgement in allowing the Confidence and Supply arrangement continue until 2020. We, in Fine Gael, in a minority Government work with opposition members to ensure legislation is passed and the correct decisions are taken for the country.


“Many of the measures called for by Fianna Fáil are fine by themselves and in some cases are being implemented by Fine Gael in Government. The problem is not any individual proposal, but rather that the totality of the commitments highlights the lack of internal coherence in Fianna Fáil when it comes to economic management.


“Fianna Fáil have made this €3.5 billion worth of promises, while not proposing any reductions to the other areas of public expenditure to finance this additional spend, nor have they proposed any tax increases.


“Hopefully, they will consider the knock-on effects that a spending call for one area will have on another worthy section of society or public project. Government is about making prudent decisions and there are plenty of hard decisions to make. Trying to cater for every whim and demand is nonsensical and does not make for good financial management.


“Fine Gael has led the country back to full employment and has balanced the books allowing for future prosperity and growth in very challenging international circumstances. This is the path from which we will not deviate – no matter what hasty calls are made upon us,” Deputy Burke said.

Notes to Editor


  • Work carried out by an internal Fine Gael Research Group chaired by Deputy Peter Burke.
  • Fianna Fáil detailed its spending proposals in party press releases, Dáil debates and elsewhere from January 1, 2018.
  • These proposals were examined in detail and collated.
  • The various spending demands would cost taxpayers at least an extra €3,475m in total; of which the majority, €3,041m, would recur every year (See pgs 3-8).


For example, some of the spending calls include:

  • €200m to support suckler farmers
  • €163m additional spending on roads
  • €120m to reverse FEMPI cuts to GPs
  • €100m for the National Treatment Purchase Fund
  • €67.8m for pay restoration for Section 39 Organisations
  • €27m for a new Print Journalism Unit


Also listed are:

  • Uncosted Fianna Fáil proposals (pgs 9-13)


Fianna Fáil Costed Policy Proposals Cost
·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Public Expenditure & Reform Dara Calleary says the publication of the report examining pay scales in the public sector must be seen as a first step in a process to bring about pay equality.”[i] €200m[ii]
·      Micheál Martin: “(Section 39 Bodies) who have not benefitted from the Lansdowne Road Agreement and the various pay agreements … should have the same equal treatment as those in the HSE and in the Health Service generally.”[iii]

·      Private Members Motion calling for pay restoration for Section 39 Organisations in line with FEMPI pay corrections.[iv]

·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Public Expenditure & Reform Dara Calleary has called on the government to take its head out of the sand and restore the pay of people working in Section 39 organisations.”[v]

·      “Funding to Section 39 organisations should be increased to allow for pay restoration … Minister for Health Simon Harris needs to allocate the necessary funding to ensure Section 39 workers get the pay they deserve.”[vi]

·      “Deputy Donnelly added that the Government needs to deliver on pay equality for new nurses and midwives and tackle the recruitment and retention crisis in hospitals.”[viii]

·      SF Private Members Motion re. Nursing Pay and recruitment[ix]


(already included in €200m public sector pay)[x]

·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Health Stephen Donnelly TD has today called on Minister Simon Harris to outline a clear pathway to achieve the full reversal of FEMPI cuts to general practice … FEMPI is already being reversed across the public sector, and indeed in the public health service. GPs are being left out in the cold in this process.”[xi]

·      “Fianna Fáil Dublin Rathdown Constituency Representative, Justin McAleese has said it is urgent that the Government’s reversal of Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI) is extended over time to include General Practitioners, who have been exempt from the process to date”[xii]

·      Robert Troy: “€100m put into the National Treatment Purchase Fund because the length of time patients are waiting has risen considerably.”[xiv] €100m
·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “A central part of the Confidence and Supply Arrangement is the full implementation of A Vision for Change mental health strategy. An additional €35m is required every year in order to fund the required posts to sustain this strategy.”[xv] €35m[xvi]
·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “Tackling waiting times for assessment and essential therapy services must be prioritised with 300 new speech, physical and occupational therapists.”[xvii] €18m[xviii]
·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “Introduce 2,000 extra home care packages and 1 million additional home help hours to help older people stay at home.”[xix] €40m[xx]
·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “Increase Personal Assistance Hours by 500,000 to ensure people with a disability can play an active role in their community.”[xxi] €12.5m[xxii]
·      Darragh O’Brien: “Attracting and retaining landlords in the market must involve a fair taxation system. The budget should allow reasonable expenses to be deductible and incentivise long-term leases that provide certainty to tenants.”[xxiii] €80m[xxiv]
·      Darragh O’Brien: “A rental tax credit to alleviate the costs of meeting the monthly bill would go a long way for struggling tenants.”[xxv] €322m[xxvi]
·      Darragh O’Brien: “A new special savings incentive account, SSIA, type of savings scheme for first-time buyers to help them save a deposit for a house should also be implemented.”[xxvii] €597m[xxviii]
·      Darragh O’Brien: “In the private sector, a rolling affordable housing scheme should be used to build tens of thousands of homes for families and young couples to own their first home. We want funding set aside in this year’s budget to establish such a scheme and to build on it year on year.”[xxix]

·      Robert Troy: “A new fund of €200m provision for affordable housing.”[xxx]

·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Waterford, Mary Butler has welcomed the signing of contracts for the new North Quays project and is calling on the Government to commit to providing the €104 million needed to get it up and running.”[xxxii] €104m one off[xxxiii]
·      “Minister Bruton needs to get real about tackling the shortfall between the capitation payment made to schools and the annual bills that schools have to pay. The capitation payments need to increase and capitation rates need to be set out on a rolling three year basis to give school principals the certainty they need to plan for the future.”

·      “Deputy Byrne made the comments following the publication of a report by Grant Thornton which shows that parents have to fork out €46m each year to keep the doors open in primary schools.”[xxxiv]

·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare South and Chairperson of the Oireachtas Education Committee Fiona O’Loughlin has called on the Government to honour its commitment to increase capitation grants for primary and secondary schools.”[xxxv]











(presume already included   in €35m above)

·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education Thomas Byrne TD says he expects the Government to set out a clear path to achieving pay equality for new teachers.”[xxxviii]

·      Fianna Fáil Private Members Motion re Shortage of Teachers (calls for pay restoration)[xxxix]


(already included in €200m public sector pay)[xl]

·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “Complete the restoration of the ex-quota guidance counsellor provision to all schools, bringing the total number up to 600 on an ex-quota basis.”[xli] €13m[xlii]
Social Protection  
·      “Time has come for Govt to deal with Pension Entitlements for CE Supervisors – O’Dea.”[xliii]

·      FF Private Members Bill on Community Employment Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor Pension, “the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform to make available, even if it is on an incremental basis, the financial resources to address this issue.”

·      Michael D’Arcy: “such individuals comprise just one small group within the wider community and voluntary sector and any provision of State funding for such a scheme in respect of those employees could potentially give rise to claims for similar schemes on the part of those in the broader sector, thus crystallising the potential level of liability that I have highlighted” [xliv]

€188m p.a.[xlv]

€318m one off[xlvi]

·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Social Protection, Willie O’Dea is calling on the Government to extend the Fuel Allowance payment for an additional three weeks in light of the desperately poor and cold weather that has beset the country. … An additional three weeks payment would cost the Exchequer approximately €25.5m and I think that this money should be sought by Minister Doherty from the Department of Finance.”[xlvii] €25.74m[xlviii]
·      On pensions: “The Minister also ruled out reversing the changes introduced in 2012 which would have cost in the region of €70m. Her decision to opt for a Total Contributions Approach (TCA) and the introduction of a new Home Caring credit which is expected to cost in the region of €40 million is questionable at best.”[xlix]

·      “It is why I advocate the more straightforward solution of reversing the 2012 changes made by the Fine Gael/Labour Government and getting everyone back on a level playing field.”[l]

·      Marc MacSharry proposal for a child tax credit. “Our estimate is that 638 thousand children under 18 will benefit at a total cost (with a Credit/Allowance of €1,654 per child) of €1,055 million per annum. Given the enormous cost of such a proposal and the finite nature of resources such a significant measure would have to be introduced over 5 or more budgetary cycles.”[li] €211m

(rising to €1,055m p.a.)[lii]


·      “Mr O’Dea said he would be “very slow” to support a Budget that did not include a €5 pension increase … he would also be seeking a €5 increase in benefits received by widows, carers, lone parents, and the sick. He will not be seeking increases in the Jobseeker’s Allowance.”

·      “Mr O’Dea believes a €5 increase in welfare benefits would cost the State around €230m if it was applied from March next year”

·      FF Private Members Bill on Fodder, includes “immediately bring forward a hardship fund to help small and medium-sized farmers who have been severely impacted by the fodder crisis; introduce a meal voucher scheme for farmers affected; swiftly make available low-cost credit for farmers to help pay for the costs of sourcing fodder and concentrates, while immediately finalising and opening the low-cost loan scheme announced over 7 months ago in Budget 2018”.[liv]

·      “I am calling on Minister Creed to establish a meal voucher scheme as a matter of urgency, before the fodder crisis spirals out of control leaving many family farms in a very precarious situation.”[lv]

·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Food and Horticulture, Jackie Cahill has said that a new low-interest loan scheme must be made available to farmers affected by the Fodder Crisis to pay for the increased costs they are facing”[lvi]

·      “Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has welcomed support for his party’s motion to secure better supports for suckler farmers.  The motion called for a €200 payment policy per suckler cow in a bid to provide essential support to the sector and the rural communities which rely on it.”[lviii]

·      “Deputy McConalogue said, ‘The almost one million suckler cow herd is pivotal to supporting the local economy in rural Ireland”[lix]

·      Fianna Fáil Private Members Motion on Suckler Cow Herd, includes “work towards introducing a €200 payment per suckler cow via the current BDGP”[lx]


(€200 by 1m cows)

·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “Adjust Farm Assist Scheme means-testing rules so that irrespective of the source of farm income, the first €3,000 will be disregarded and the balance will be means tested at 50%.”[lxi] €15m[lxii]
·      ‘Confidence and Supply Arrangement Update Budget Three’: “Increase Garda numbers by 800 in 2019 as part of an on-going effort to reach 15,000 members by 2021 in order to combat crime across Ireland.”[lxiii] €14.8m[lxiv]
Transport, Tourism & Sport  
·      Robert Troy: “At least an additional €163m is needed each year to maintain our road network to safe standard. The motion we have put to the Dáil calls on the Government to significantly increase funding for regional and local roads through the Capital Investment Plan.”[lxv]

·      Fianna Fáil Private Members Motion re. Transport, 13th February 2018[lxvi]

·      Robert Troy Cycle Policy: “Fianna Fáil will provide for the appointment of officers with responsibility for cycling to each local authority. This will cost €1.1 million per year”

·      “When train and bus stock is replaced or upgraded, this will be done with a view to integrating cycling at the very heart of the service, ensuring new carriages and vehicles have adequate space for bicycle storage and older ones are retrofitted to facilitate this. We will allocate €300,000 for this purpose”

·      “Working with schools, Fianna Fáil will provide cycle safety training for young people, with a view to instilling skills that will be of use initially as a cyclist, but also eventually if they become motorists. This will cost €8 million per annum.”

·      “Cllr Cormac Devlin has criticised the way in which Minister Shane Ross has decided to proceed with the dissolution and transfer of the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.”

·      “he has had months to ring-fence funding to resolve the issues … alternative arrangements should have been made to support the harbour to manage debts before landing them on the council.”

Communications, Climate Action & Environment  
·      “Fianna Fáil is proposing to expand the role of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and to establish a Print Journalism Unit. Its remit would be to deliver innovative schemes to support the work of print journalists at both national and local level. The unit will also disper­se grant aid to support newspaper publishers in providing public service content.”

·      The work of the Print Journalism Unit could be funded in two ways; by ring fencing current Exchequer VAT receipts from newspaper sales, c. €27 million or a new 6% digital advertising levy. Based on 2018 sales, it would realise c. €30 million per annum.

·      (These funding figures give an estimate of the cost of the unit; and ring fencing existing tax revenue does not generate new fresh revenue to make a policy cost neutral.)



·      “Our motion is clear that the Government must initiate a Public Service Obligation (PSO) payment to ensure that these post offices remain open.”[lxxi] €8m[lxxii]
Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht  
·      “Fianna Fáil Deputy Leader and TD for Mayo Dara Calleary says a new Bill published by his party will restore the democratic mandate of Gaeltacht residents by reinstating direct elections to the board of Údarás na Gaeltachta. The Údarás na Gaeltachta (Amendment) Bill 2018 was recently approved by the party front bench.”[lxxiii] €0.5m[lxxiv]
·      “Local Fianna Fáil TD, Aindrias Moynihan has urged all those with influence to ensure that the Briery Gap Theatre in Macroom gets the funding it needs to re-open.”

·      “I’m led to believe that there is a funding shortfall of €1.5 million. This is a sizable sum of money, and only the Government has the capacity to deliver such a large amount of resources.”[lxxv]

·      “Cork East TD Kevin O’Keeffe feels that a golden opportunity has arisen for the Government to step in and purchase Castlehyde House, Fermoy, Co Cork”

·      “Situated on the bank of the River Blackwater, it is currently for sale at a knockdown price of €12 million.”

€12m one-off[lxxvi]



(€3,041m p.a. &

€434m one off)


Fianna Fáil Policy Proposals that cannot be Costed

This overall figure for additional Fianna Fáil spending is a conservative estimate as we exclude certain spending calls by Fianna Fáil that cannot be costed; these are listed in the table below.

Fianna Fáil Policy Proposals that Cannot be Costed
Public Sector Pay
·    Deputy Cowen said, “Under the current regime public servants face a mandatory retirement once they reach 65 years of age. However, these same workers have to wait until they reach 66 before they can start receiving their pension. This leaves them with a full year where they are left with no income.”[lxxvii]
·      Aindrias Moynihan: “A directive from the Government should be given to ensure that all patients who receive a cancer diagnosis are awarded a medical card.”[lxxviii]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Brendan Smith has appealed to the Health Minister to provide the necessary resources to ensure that the Parkinson’s Association of Ireland can carry out its important work.”[lxxix]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare North Frank O’Rourke has called on the Minister for Health Simon Harris to make lifesaving monitoring equipment available to all Type 1 Diabetes sufferers. Deputy O’Rourke said, “Last month I called on Minister Harris to include this important lifesaving equipment under the Long-Term Illness Scheme.”[lxxx]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Laois Sean Fleming has called on Minister for Health Simon Harris to direct the HSE to provide additional funding to assist people living with Dyspraxia.”[lxxxi]
·      “Fianna Fáil as part of the next Budget will fight tooth and nail, from the opposition benches, for enhanced services for people with disabilities.”[lxxxii]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Sligo-Leitrim Eamon Scanlon has called on the government to increase staff numbers in the Cross Border Directive Office. He raised the issue with the Taoiseach in the Dáil yesterday.”[lxxxiii]
·      Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Primary and Community Care, John Brassil: “Consideration needs to be given to using private hospital consultants in hospitals such as the Bons Secours in Tralee to make progress on outpatient hospital waiting lists”[lxxxiv]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Brendan Smith has highlighted the need for additional resources for the National Ambulance Service in the North East region and has called on the Minister for Health to ensure that more staff and vehicles are allocated to the Cavan-Monaghan area.”[lxxxv]
·      “Cork South Central Fianna Fáil TD, Michael McGrath has called for urgent action by government to tackle the growing number of people with disabilities on a waiting list for a residential placement in Cork and across the country. … These service providers are doing outstanding work but they can only deliver the services they are funded by the HSE and the government to provide.”[lxxxvi]
·      “Fianna Fáil Seanad Spokesperson on Justice, Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee has called on the Health Service Executive to respond to the surge population in North Dublin which has occurred in recent years by appointing more Public Health Nurses in the region.”[lxxxvii]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare North Frank O’Rourke says new information he has obtained from the HSE demonstrates the need for additional resources for the North Kildare Network Disability Team.”[lxxxviii]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Mid-West, John Curran has said failing to properly resource the provision of Home Support Services is adversely impacting on older people and their loved ones.”[lxxxix]

·      “The HSE do not have the funding needed to meet demand and it is therefore a matter for the Minister for Health Simon Harris and his Cabinet colleagues to ensure the scheme is properly resourced.”

·      Michael McGrath: “As part of their reply to me, the HSE admitted that ‘the CHO4 area has to live within its resource allocation for the service.’ It’s clear to me that there isn’t enough funding being made available to deal with these backlogs. Until the right level of funding is made available, children in Cork will continue to suffer from inexcusable waiting times.”[xc]
·      Pat the Cope Gallagher: “Deputy Pat the Cope Gallagher Leas Cheann Comhairle has called on the Minister for Disabilities Finian Mc Grath to ensure that the O’ Cleary Centre Donegal Town is included in Budget 2019.”[xci]
·      Niamh Smyth: “Monaghan Niamh Smyth TD has called on the Minister for Health to ensure that additional ambulances are allocated to the Cavan – Monaghan area to help reduce waiting times.”[xcii]
·      Stephen Donnelly: “The right plans would unwind new entrant pay disparity for consultants and nurses eradicating understaffing in emergency departments and the right plans would give A&E priority access to diagnostics with longer opening hours and eliminate bottlenecks in the service.”[xciii]
·      “Cork North West TD, Aindrias Moynihan has called for the Free Style Libre Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System (CBGM) and Sensors for adults living with diabetes to be made available for reimbursement under the Long term Illness Scheme.”[xciv]
·      “Cork South West TD, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony has said that she is furious that Lisheen’s House, a suicide prevention charity based in Skibbereen, has been refused Section 39 funding from the HSE.”[xcv]

·      “If the Government is truly serious about tackling mental health issues and rural isolation, they should start by providing funding for organisations such as Lisheen’s House.”

·      “Deputy Butler was commenting ahead of a special Dáil motion on the need to deliver a sustained and significant increase in investment in home support to meet existing unmet need and future requirements, and for home support to be provided on a seven-days-a-week basis.”[xcvi]
·      Thomas Byrne said Minister Bruton has an urgent duty to go to the Minister for Public Expenditure and demand significantly more money for capital expenditure as this particular announcement eats up his entire budget for one year.[xcvii]

·      It could be hypothesised that more money must mean at least €100m, as the capital budget for education is already set to increase by €200m in 2019, €64m in 2021, and €94m in 2022.[xcviii] But we have not included this figure in the Fianna Fáil spending tally.

·      “Fianna Fáil is currently formulating a comprehensive policy aimed at introducing multi-disciplinary therapy teams on-site in primary and secondary schools for children with disabilities. These teams, employed by the Department of Education would extend beyond Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists and also include Physiotherapists and Psychiatrists, who are hugely necessary in supporting these children’s development.”
·      James Lawless: “The Government has also failed to adequately increase funding for the Program for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) fund. €14m was allocated in 2017, at a time when the economy is supposedly recovering, but in 2010 €359m was allocated to the fund. How can we expect to remain competitive in the research and development sector if the Government continues to underfund vital research programs?”[xcix]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare South and Chairperson of the Oireachtas Education Committee Fiona O’Loughlin has called on the Government to honour its commitment to increase capitation grants for primary and secondary schools.”[c]
·      “Fianna Fáil’s Education Spokesperson, Thomas Byrne TD has called on the Minister for Education to address the two tier pay structure for school secretaries.”[ci]
Social Protection
·      “We are now calling on the government to remedy the current unfair situation impacting self-employed farm assist recipients pre 2007, and to ensure they are granted PRSI credits for the period they were in receipt of Farm Assist.”[cii]
·      “We need access a lot more places on the Rural Social Scheme in west Connemara to cope with demand. County Galway has the third highest number of farmers in receipt of Farm Assist in the country at 659, and every one of these is entitled to apply for a place on the RSS. However, the places are simply not available. In fact, there are not enough places by half. A large number of the farmers who receive Farm Assist live in the Connemara area and the allocation of places on the Rural Social Scheme should be much higher than 36.”[ciii]
·      “We put forward a special Dáil motion calling for additional Garda resources and stricter conditions for repeat offenders. Fianna Fáil has put forward a number of proposals to tackle rural crime. We want to increase the number of Gardaí on the ground in local rural communities and reopen the Garda stations closed by Fine Gael in Government. We also want to see the additional rollout of Garda controlled community CCTV systems to monitor suspicious activity.”[civ]
·      “Given last night’s discovery, I urge the Government to extend its full support to the crucial work carried out by Forensic Ireland and ensure that they are allocated resources to respond to emerging synthetic drug trends such as Crystal Meth,” concluded Deputy O’Callaghan.”[cv]
·      “We need to see more Gardaí in out stations, in our communities and on our streets. It’s the only way to deal with the scourge of rural crime and criminality,” concluded Moynihan.”[cvi]
·      “Brendan Smith had called for additional personnel and resources for the Cavan-Monaghan division in light of a series of high profile burglaries across the two counties, as well as to provide extra support to officers on the ground to deal with the fallout from Brexit.”[cvii]

·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Niamh Smyth says the Justice Minister needs to wake up to the scourge of rural crime and allocate additional resources to the force in the Cavan/Monaghan division.”[cviii]

·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Sligo-Leitrim Eamon Scanlon has called on the Justice Minister to examine the possibility of relocating the Garda Station in Tubbercurry to a building next door to the current station.”[cix]
·      John Curran: “If the Government is serious about gaining some grasp of Ireland’s drug crisis it will move to restore consistent funding to Local and Regional Task Forces.”[cx]
·      Charlie McConalogue: “We need to see an immediate fodder import subsidy up and running and action from the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia to drive increased live exports to help reduce the demand on depleted fodder stocks”[cxi]
·      Charlie McConalogue: “Central to our proposals is the establishment of a nationally financed hardship fund to aid farmers who are under particular financial pressure to cope with the difficult months ahead. This is crucial and can be done if the will is there from the Minister and the Government as a whole.”[cxii]
·      Charlie McConalogue: “The next budget must ensure sufficient funds are provided to increase Bord Bia’s global office footprint.”[cxiii]
Transport, Tourism & Sport
·      “Fianna Fáil Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee has said that the development of an additional slip road to serve Donabate, Portrane, Rush, Lusk and Skerries would support thousands of daily commuters in the North County.”[cxiv]
·      Fianna Fáil Private Members Motion on Dublin Transport with calls for a series of “short to medium term policy changes to get routes into and in Dublin moving again …” such as more buses, more QBCs and more park and rides.[cxv]
·      Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Brendan Smith has appealed to the Minister for Transport to provide additional resources to local authorities to help them repair the substantial amount of damage which has been caused to the road network over the past number of months.[cxvi]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Niamh Smyth says the Transport Minister needs to allocate funding for road repairs as a matter of urgency as conditions have deteriorated in the aftermath of a series of winter storms.”[cxvii]

·      Deputy Smyth explained, “I have written to the Minister numerous times this year urging him to allocate additional money to local county councils to help them repair and maintain roads. This year saw a serious deterioration in the state of the roads across Cavan and Monaghan following the extreme weather conditions, which were experienced last Winter and Spring.”[cxviii]

·      Michael Moynihan: “I’d argue that the level of funding being put into national road maintenance is nowhere near sufficient to keep pace with, let alone catch up on, wear and tear,” concluded Moynihan.”[cxix]
·      Robbie Gallagher: “Over the last 5 years the Government has on average provided Local Authorities with less than half the amount of funding they need to maintain their roads. This is despite a commitment contained in the Programme for Government to increase the capital budget for regional and local roads by approximately 50%. I will keep the pressure on Minister Ross to ensure he delivers on his commitments.”[cxx]
·      Cllr. Lisa McDonald: “The N11 / N25 upgrade project has been stuck in limbo as the project cannot progress to the next stage without funding being allocated by the NRA. I am calling on the Government to ensure that this funding is delivered without any unnecessary delay.”[cxxi]
·      “Cork South West TD, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony has said that we are failing our local sports stars by not providing the resources needed to allow them excel on the world stage.”[cxxii]
Communications, Climate Action & Environment
·      Fianna Fáil Private Members Motion on the National Broadband Plan calling for “the case for State ownership of the (broadband) infrastructure.”[cxxiii]
·      Aindrias Moynihan: “Another must be incentivising the switch. Last year, Fianna Fáil called for toll and parking charges to be waived for owners of electric vehicles. The 0% BIK rate for 12 months for EVs doesn’t go far enough. We called for a five year 0% rate to help make moving to electric more cost efficient.”[cxxiv]
·      Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Food and Horticulture Jackie Cahill called for the removal of “VAT on silage-wrap plastic for 2018 and on silage harvesting because it is essential that all fodder that can be garnered in the summer of 2018 to avoid similar circumstances next autumn and winter.”[cxxv]
Children & Youth Affairs
·      “Fianna Fáil General Election Candidate in Dublin Central, Mary Fitzpatrick has said that the hundreds of threats on lives will continue and only worsen if community youth services in Dublin Central are not adequately funded and supported to help those that feel abandoned and insufficiently supported.”[cxxvi]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Brendan Smith has called on the Children’s Minister to secure additional funding in the upcoming Budget to ensure that community childcare facilities can provide additional capacity.”[cxxvii]
Foreign Affairs and Trade
·      Fianna Fáil TD for Longford – Westmeath Robert Troy has urged the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade to urgently make additional resources available to help tackle a growing backlog with passport applications. “Minister Coveney needs to urgently make additional resources available to help tackle this problem. We need to see more staff being assigned to work on processing passport applications and overtime should be made available to current staff to help clear the backlog,” concluded Deputy Troy.[cxxviii]
·      “Fianna Fáil TD for Longford – Westmeath Robert Troy TD says the Government needs to urgently address the serious concerns that have been raised in regard the current pay and conditions for serving members of the Defence Forces. The Government has said that it will examine proposals to improve the pay and conditions for members of the Defence Forces. This is positive but we need to see real progress being made on this issue. Dealing with the retention crisis needs to be a key priority for this Government,” concluded Deputy Troy.”[cxxix]
Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht
·      “Council cannot be left to carry the can with Shannon Venue project; Government must deliver the necessary funding – Cllr. Cathal Crowe”[cxxx]
·      North Inner-City Development Authority Bill 2018 : “Fianna Fáil’s bill will create a dedicated office that is supported by the State to drive, champion and promote the restoration of the area into the jewel of the crown in our Capital.”[cxxxi]


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[xviii] “Increased funding of €2.5m in 2019 (€6m in a full year) will provide for 100 new therapy posts.” So the cost for 300 will be €18m.



“She said the extra €40 million would allow for an additional 270,000 home-help hours and 2,000 additional homecare packages, compared with last year.” This costing is for less home-help hours than FF propose so the €40m is an underestimate.



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[xxiv] ‘REPORT OF THE WORKING GROUP ON THE TAX AND FISCAL TREATMENT OF RENTAL ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS’, Dept of Finance, September 2017. This includes 3 types of expenses: 1. Accelerated restoration of full mortgage interest deductibility for landlords of residential property (c.€48 million); 2. Introducing Local Property Tax deductibility for landlords (c.€28 million); 3. Introducing deductibility for pre-letting expenditure for previously vacant properties (c.€4m).

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[xxvi] There are 322,000 units in the private rented sector so a tax credit worth €1,000 p.a., for e.g., would cost €322m. This is lower than the tax credit of €1,500 p.a. proposed by Sinn Fein. The source here is a Savills report which receives data direct from the CSO.

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[xxviii] The previous SSIA scheme had a maximum saving of €15,000. Any scheme to help people save for a house deposit would need to be at this level at least. The average nationwide house price is €254,000 according to and the required 10% deposit for first time buyers would then be over €25,000. The SSIA cost €597m in 2005. Tax Strategy Group, TSG 06/13, ‘Special Savings Investment Accounts’,

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