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Fine Gael stands behind migrant communities and against extreme groups

26th November 2022 - Alan Farrell TD

Ireland is not immune to the rise of extreme nationalist groups that have gained prominence in other European countries, Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell has said.

Deputy Farrell said: “We are beginning to see greater organisation and mobilisation of extreme groups in Ireland. They are attempting to import culture wars around gender, immigration, and education.

“This is something that we have seen in other jurisdictions in Europe and further afield, where groups with extreme views are gaining political and social influence. I do not believe that the vast majority of Irish people support these views in any way. However, we cannot tell ourselves that it cannot happen here.”

Deputy Farrell continued: “This Government and the Fine Gael party are committed to providing safe refuge for people fleeing war and oppression. We are committed to building stronger, safer communities that welcome an increasingly diverse population.

“Our history teaches us of the heartache of being driven from a homeland – for many years we were the huddled masses yearning to be free. Thankfully, we now find ourselves in a position to be that beacon of hope for people suffering under authoritarian regimes or faced with the destruction brought by war.”

“The Government recently introduced legislation with regard to Online Safety and the Incitement of Hate and Hate Crimes, which will allow us to better combat extreme actions and content that can place another person in harm’s way. These Bills are welcome and have not come too soon. But we must remain vigilant about the rise in this type of behaviour.

“Our country is at its best when we are open, inclusive and compassionate. In this unity is where we find our strength.

“Nobody in Ireland is served by the divisive rhetoric peddled by extreme groups, who prey on people’s insecurities. We must all be champions of progress and address the problems we face by working together, not pitting individuals against one another,” Deputy Farrell said.

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