Fitzgerald and Durkan to contest the European Parliament election in the Dublin constituency for Fine Gael

-   Fine Gael Press Office

Fine Gael has selected two candidates to contest the European Parliament Elections in the Dublin constituency.

Fine Gael Deputy Frances Fitzgerald and former SDLP leader Mark Durkan were selected at a constituency convention in Clontarf this evening (Weds).

Deputy Fitzgerald said: “I am so ambitious for what Dublin is and can be. A complex old city that we can develop into a vibrant, liveable and inclusive city.

“I stand ready to represent, defend and advance the interests of this great city – a city where we can achieve the right balance between the needs of family life and work, between the needs of the young and the old and between using the best of what we have today to build the sustainable, inclusive city of tomorrow.

“Dublin can be a leading European city based on respect, diversity, opportunity and inclusivity.

“A place where small businesses and multinational companies thrive side by side; where  families can live close to where they work or in the communities in which they grew up; and where a commuter is someone who travels on a good public transport service as opposed to eating cereal bars on the M50.

“We should be a city where older people are given the chance to contribute and have their value recognised; and a city where we plan properly, balance development with sustainability and protect the unique environment in which we live.

“But of course a great, world class city can only exist in a prosperous and inclusive Ireland that fully plays its part in a strong, democratic, confident Europe. I have the energy, the experience and the direction to make this happen.”

Mark Durkan said: “I am delighted to be endorsed at this convention tonight. People clearly recognise this as an important European election, and why we need a different approach to how we select team Ireland to play a strong role in the next European parliament.

“If elected, there is a chance of an experienced Northern voice being there in the European Parliament, someone who was intimately involved in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement, implementing it, understanding exactly how the politics of Westminster have played out in Brexit and elsewhere.

“If elected, I won’t only be representing those concerns from the North but also giving representation to the rights and the needs of people in Dublin too.

“I will pledge to work with colleagues in other parties and beyond party interests in the context of Brexit and the challenges it brings.”


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