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Ireland behind other EU countries on asthma mortality – Noone

25th February 2019 - Senator Catherine Noone

Dublin Senator, Catherine Noone has called for greater training and awareness for people working with children and teens, following the publication of a report showing that Ireland has the second highest rate of asthma mortality among the EU countries studied.

Senator Noone said: “Ireland has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, with 1 in 8 people suffering from the condition. A study carried out Nuffield Trust and the Association for Young People’s Health, showed that of the 19 countries studied Ireland had the fourth highest rate of asthma mortality among 15-19 year olds, with the UK being the only EU country ranked lower.

“In Ireland, 1 person dies from an asthma attack every week, according to the Asthma Association of Ireland, 90% of these deaths are preventable.

“Asthma attacks can become serious very quickly and many can underestimate the risk. Knowing the warning signs and what to do can prove to be life-saving. I believe that people working with children and adolescents should be given training to recognise red flags and when to act.

“20 thousand people attend A&E services for asthma related issues every year in Ireland, that’s 1 every 26 minutes. Moreover, school children will miss on average 10 days every year due to their asthma. We can and must improve these statistics.

Senator Noone added, “Managing asthma is possible when aware of the risks, given our high propensity of asthma in Ireland, we should strive to become the most asthma friendly countries in Europe.”

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