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Is a vote for FF a vote for SF? – Harris

1st December 2015 - Simon Harris TD

“It’s beginning to look like a vote for Fianna Fáil would be vote for Sinn Fèin”, says Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Simon Harris.

“Gerry Adams today (Tuesday) said he would consider a coalition with Fianna Fáil on the basis that Sinn Fèin would be the lead party.

“The idea of doing a deal with Sinn Féin has been openly touted by a number of Fianna Fáil TDs, with some believing that Fianna Fáil members would like to enter Government with Sinn Féin, as they come from the same republican background.
“What does a vote for Fianna Fáil really mean? Is a vote for Fianna Fáil really a vote for Sinn Fèin? Or based on recent comments from the party’s Director of Elections, Billy Kelleher, is it simply a wasted vote for a party who has no intention of governing at all?

“The next election will be a choice about who will keep the recovery going, based on stability as opposed to instability and chaos.

“Ireland needs a government that can be trusted to keep the recovery going; not one that would bring us back to crisis or a cycle of boom and bust.”

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