Keane calls for life-saving EpiPens to be more easily available

4th February 2014 - Sarah Meade

Fine Gael Senator for Dublin South-West, Cáit Keane, has today (Tuesday) called on the Minister for Health, James Reilly TD, to introduce measures to make life-saving adrenaline pens (EpiPens) more easily accessible in Ireland. EpiPens are used for the emergency treatment of life threatening allergic reactions.


“The country was shocked in the run up to Christmas by the tragic and completely unnecessary death of a young girl in Dublin city centre as a result of a fatal peanut allergy. An EpiPen could have saved the girl’s life.


“While such tragic deaths are rare, many people suffer from allergic reactions and I believe it is time we consider easing access to EpiPens. Currently the devices, which are very easy to use, are only available on a prescription.  


“Loosening current restrictions and making EpiPens more readily available to the public could save lives. Making these life-saving pens available in every restaurant, for example, would be a sensible move, and I believe they should also be available in schools and other places frequented by children. Instructions on how to use the pens should be included as part of regular staff training.  


“The current system, whereby EpiPens are only available by prescription is too restrictive. By making EpiPens more widely available, we can prevent more tragedies from occurring.”




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