Kinahan’s sportwashing efforts must be crushed

Responsibility on promoters, tv channels and fans to ensure mob bosses have no involvement in sports

1st February 2021 - Neale Richmond, TD

Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond has called on all parties to ensure international mob boss Daniel Kinahan has no involvement with boxing at any level following the airing of an explosive BBC documentary tonight.

Deputy Richmond said: “Since last summer and his moment of hubris when he tried to style himself as the great match maker, the world has stood to attention and learned who Daniel Kinahan really is.

“This BBC Panorama documentary, ‘Boxing and the Mob’, by Darragh MacIntyre, further highlights the evil actions of Kinahan and how he is still active in the world of boxing from his bolthole in Dubai.

“If the world didn’t know about the real Daniel Kinahan before, then they will now after this documentary.

“There is a responsibility on promoters, TV channels and fans that mob bosses such as Kinahan are not involved in boxing at any level. Any fight or enterprise involving MTK must be questioned and if Kinahan is involved, it needs to be stopped, it is that simple.

“Daniel Kinahan should not be allowed live a charmed life in exile as the families of his gang’s victims continue to mourn here in Ireland. No one should be silent on who this man really is.

“As per the Irish courts, Daniel Kinahan is the most notorious mob boss Ireland has seen for years, his cartel has heaped misery on the streets of our capital through drugs, terror and murder.

“His desperate attempts to portray himself as a legitimate and misunderstood businessman are simply pathetic,” Deputy Richmond concluded.


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