Litter can’t be the theme of our outdoor summer – McGahon

Community response should be at the heart of solution to growing problem

26th April 2021 - Senator John McGahon

As we prepare for an outdoor summer, a Fine Gael Senator has called for a volunteer corps to be set up to help local authorities tackle the growing problem of litter in popular public areas.

Louth based Senator John McGahon has called for increased funding for local authorities and the OPW to set up this volunteer corps, along with other measures to address rising litter problems.

Senator McGahon said: “Over the weekend, we have once again seen images of overflowing bins and our public parks covered in litter.

“This is a growing problem that will only get worse if the theme of our summer is rightfully to be outdoors.

“We have seen wonderful community spirit throughout this pandemic and we must harness that once more to address the growing litter problem that will only get worse as summer weather and temperatures improve.

“A volunteer scheme should be set up to help protect our parks and communal areas from the scourge of litter.

“By providing funding and resources to both Local Authorities and the OPW now, the Government can tackle this growing litter problem at source.

“Last week, I proposed the idea of stamping car registrations on takeaway bags to deter littering, but it is clear after the weekend that more is needed beyond enforcement and personal responsibility.

“Litter can’t be the theme of our outdoor summer so let’s act now to make sure it isn’t,” Senator McGahon concluded.


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