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Luas poll shows need for longer trams on Green Line – Richmond

18th June 2017 - Neale Richmond, TD

Many people are left stranded by the Luas on workdays as trams are packed to capacity, Fine Gael Dublin Rathdown Senator Neale Richmond has revealed.

Senator Richmond completed a survey of Luas commuters in recent weeks and said the findings mean more must be done to accommodate Luas passengers.

“My recent Luas survey shows that 9% of Green Line Luas users are unable get on the train on a weekly basis. A further 4% of people say they are unable to get on the train on a daily basis. This is due to the carriages being full to capacity at rush hour.

“Furthermore, of the commuters I surveyed, a very high 62% said they can never get a seat on the Luas at rush hour. 31% answered almost never to the same question.

“I have written to the Luas operator Transdev with the results of my survey.

“I am pleased to report that 7 new longer trams are being ordered, and to facilitate this 11 platforms on the original Green Line from Stillorgan into town are being lengthened to 54m in order to cope with the introduction of longer trams.

“It is hoped this will greatly increase the capacity of the trams to take more passengers, reducing that long wait that some commuters are forced to endure.

“Transdev may also want to consider reducing the amount of seating on the trams in order to increase the amount of standing space needed to get more commuters on board at peak times.

“With clear signage mandating patrons to give up seats to elderly people and those with access issues, this could work to increase the space in each tram.”


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