Network of water refill stations would reduce plastic waste- Noone

-   Senator Catherine Noone

A network of water refill stations should be established across our cities and towns to reduce plastic waste, a Fine Gael Senator has said.


Senator Catherine Noone said we have a proud tradition of respecting the environment in this country and we must not let ourselves fall behind on this issue.


Senator Noone said: “Expanding access to water fountains across cities and towns and incorporating the help of the private sector is one way we can make a real and tangible difference.


“For example in London, shops, cafes and businesses will allow people to refill their water bottles free of charge; this is encouraged through stickers and signs on windows, as well as an app that directs people to the nearest refill location.


“Meanwhile Paris offers a host of water fountains across the city.”


Senator Noone continued: “Over 152 million litres of bottled water are sold in Ireland every year, much of which involves single use plastics.


“By fostering a culture in Ireland, in which refill stations are widely available, we can greatly reduce the waste created by single use plastic.


“Our deep connection with the land and environment in Ireland compels us to take greater responsibility for the waste we create.


“I would welcome any move to create a network of refill stations in our cities, spanning both public and private areas”.



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