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New 1,000 pupil building for Curragh Post Primary School to address second level pressure in South Kildare – Heydon

-   Martin Heydon TD

Kildare South TD Martin Heydon has welcomed confirmation from his colleague Minister for Education Joe McHugh that a new 1,000 pupil school building has been approved for the Curragh Post Primary School.

The announcement follows a review of the need for additional secondary school provision in Kildare South and a four year campaign by Kildare parents for a new secondary school which included meetings with two Taoisigh and three Education Ministers.

“I am delighted that the Department have finally recognised the considerable need for a new secondary school in the Newbridge Kildare area which will now be provided through the replacement and expansion of the existing Curragh Post Primary School, an idea I first proposed to the Minister for Education in 2016.

“The Curragh Post Primary school is a multi-denominational Community College under the patronage of Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board (KWETB) with over 130 pupils in the 2018/19 school year.

“Engagement is ongoing in relation to the potential for Educate Together to become a Trustee Partner for the new school. I believe that a partnership with Educate Together would be a positive addition to the offering of the new school.

“A new site will be required for the school and the Department will liaise with KWETB with a view to the process for identifying a suitable site for the new school building.

“This announcement today marks the culmination of over four years of work from parents and campaigners who have sought a new school for Kildare South to provide additional secondary school places but also a choice of ethos for many children currently attending Educate Together primary schools in Kildare South.

“We have had many disappointments along the way as South Kildare was not included on new school building lists despite its growing population and evidence of increasing demographics in this core catchment area.

“This decision to provide a new 1,000 pupil school building for the Curragh Post Primary School will address the issue of shortages in secondary school places in the Newbridge and Kildare areas while also bringing modern education facilities to the Curragh which have been long overdue.

“The facilities which staff and pupils have worked in at the school in recent years have been challenging and they very much deserve this new school building.

“I would like to compliment the SKET group and all their supporters who have fought tirelessly for a new school since 2014.

“I would also like to thank the Minister and his officials who despite many disappointments on our side have given this project great consideration for many years and actively worked to find a solution.”


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