Next Sinn Féin will say they’ll use gold, frankincense and myrrh to fund their health policy – Doherty

-   Regina Doherty TD

Regina Doherty TD said today (Wednesday):


“Today on RTÉ Radio Sinn Féin’s health spokesperson Caoimhin O’Caolain just could not say how Sinn Féin would pay for their health policy. The party is claiming they will spend extra billions on the health service without hiking taxes or cutting services elsewhere. Next they’ll be telling us they’ll use gold, frankincense and myrrh.


“Sinn Féin need to come clean about their planned tax hikes.


“They also plan to cancel tax relief on private health insurance. This relief of 20% on the cost of health premiums currently benefits 46% of the Irish population and can be worth several hundred euro to families across Ireland.


“Sinn Féin’s health plans will cost families hundreds of euro through taxation and lost tax reliefs, and could even result in those who already have free GP cards losing them. We cannot allow Sinn Féin to put the recovery at risk. The choice at the next election will be between Fine Gael’s plan to keep the recovery going or un-costed, fantasy promises.”

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