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Cllr Manus Boyle

Electoral Area: Donegal

Donegal County Council

Cllr Manus Boyle

Your Future – Your Voice

Manus Boyle, a native of Bruckless, Co Donegal, has deep roots in his community where he lives with his wife and family.

Renowned as a leading advocate for the survival of Ireland’s fishing industry, Manus Boyle is driven to enact positive change and secure the future of both the industry and coastal communities, not only in his own region but nationwide. Recognised locally as the “go to guy” on fishing related matters, Manus has a clear vision for the industry, a deep understanding of its complexities and historical significance, and an unwavering commitment to serving the needs of fishermen, processors, and service industries.

Passionate about enhancing the quality of life in South West Donegal, Manus advocates for road traffic safety measures at schools and has successfully lobbied for mandatory speed reductions around all schools in the area. He has also championed increased ambulance services in his community and a comprehensive review of carer services for the sick and elderly.

Manus welcomes the growing tourism industry in Donegal, particularly the increasing number of cruise ships docking in Killybegs port each year. This influx of visitors has spurred investment and focus in areas such as tour management and visitor centres along the coast, highlighting attractions like the stunning Sliabh Liag sea cliffs as must visit destinations.

Recognising the vital role of the farming community, especially hill farmers who provide the wool for Donegal’s renowned knitwear industry, Manus is dedicated to preserving this tradition. He advocates for government subsidies to ensure the sustainability of sheep farming and secure the future of this important industry.

Manus is deeply committed to his family, his community, and continuously runs fundraising events for local charities.

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