Councillor Emer Currie

Cllr Emer Currie

Fingal County Council

Who is Emer?

Emer Currie is a newly elected Councillor, elected as a first-time candidate for the Castleknock Local Election Area, covering Blanchardstown, Carpenterstown, Castleknock, Clonsilla and Lucan North.

She lives, works and raises her young family in the area and believes she can best tackle the challenges we face, because she faces them too – from traffic and poor public transport; to childcare and the pressures facing parents; a lack of services and amenities; and continued poor planning.

Emer became a Business Director in Ireland’s largest marketing and communications company at 31. Her greatest achievements drove behavioural change through public awareness campaigns for the local environment, public health and Ireland’s domestic tourism market.

As well as a professional campaigner, Emer has been a political campaigner all her life. Daughter of Civil Rights leader, SDLP founder, Dublin West TD and Minister for Children, Austin Currie, she is engaged and rooted in the community and the values of equality, opportunity and social justice.

Why Support Emer?

A Better Deal
Emer believes the people in our community work hard every day, in and out of the home. That hard work helps make Ireland a success, so it’s time to guarantee support for them and their families when they need it too.

A Better Balance
We need adequate local childcare that is accessible and affordable, as well as flexible workplaces – not just for equal opportunities for women, but because modern, busy life now demands it for all.

A Better Future
Action is needed now to make sure the Ireland coming down the tracks is one we will continue to be proud of and prepared for – that work starts close to home in building sustainable and resilient communities.

Key Priorities

  • Planning for communities, not committees
  • Public services that service all the public
  • Proper support for families and parents
  • Action, not talk, on sustainability and climate change

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Electoral Area

2 Westmanstown Cottages
D15 X7KN.
Phone: 085 816 1306