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Cllr Sarah Barnes

Electoral Area: Firhouse – Bohernabreena

South Dublin County Council

Cllr Sarah Barnes

For over three decades, Sarah Barnes has proudly called Knocklyon her home, witnessing its growth and transformation. As one of the first residents in the Orlagh Grove Estate, she has seen how our community has developed and flourished over that time.

Throughout the years, as her family grew up, Sarah actively engaged in school and local life, recognising the importance of building a vibrant and connected community.

Sarah is a passionate advocate for the well-being of animals in Ireland. Partnering with the Rathfarnham DSPCA, she has been involved in many charity and fundraising events, working to create a safer and more compassionate environment for our animal companions.

As a volunteer and Child Protection Officer of the Kodokan Ireland Judo Club, a non-profit association in South Dublin, her focus is on the well-being of our young athletes. Her involvement with the Club has taken her to many competitions and events, both at home and abroad, promoting the club’s young people and instilling a sense of pride in local talent.

Growing up in a Fine Gael political family, Sarah’s interest in politics was fostered from an early age. Her mother, the late Monica Barnes, was a Fine Gael Senator and T.D., representing the Dún Laoghaire constituency for two decades. She believed in the power of being a strong voice for effective and positive change.

Sarah shares that belief, and she is committed to working hard on your behalf. With your support, Sarah wants to ensure that Knocklyon is a place everybody can be proud to call home.

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