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Nina Carberry

Nina Carberry

My name is Nina Carberry, your Fine Gael candidate for the Midlands Northwest European elections. I am a champion jockey, a businesswoman, a sports enthusiast, an author, and you might even recognise me from Dancing with the Stars or Ireland’s Fittest Family. As a mother of two young girls, a life in politics found its way onto my radar looking at my family and wondering what the future held in store for them. I’ve always had the mantra if you want to make a difference then you need to put your hand up. My life and career have given me a lot, and I now want to give something back. Born and raised on a farm in Co Meath, I am married to a Kildare man. I have spent 20 years of my life travelling this region meeting people and seeing first-hand the many challenges and opportunities facing us.

Honesty, hard work and straight taking are my trademarks. I’m here to listen and bring my drive and determination so that Europe can better serve you, your family and your local community. Together with Maria Walsh MEP, we are campaigning to bring home two Fine Gael seats in Midlands North-West. When I was starting out, my dad backed me all the way and I wouldn’t be here today without him and all the people who trusted me to get the job done. I’m asking you to back a winner with a Number 1 Vote for Nina Carberry and a Vote 2 for Maria Walsh MEP on June 7th in the European Elections.
  • Fighting to ensure every town and village gets its fair share
  • Opportunities for families to not just live but thrive locally
  • A strong, common sense voice for rural and farming communities
  • Equality of opportunity in education and work for our young people

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