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Tim Durkan

Local Election Candidate

Electoral Area: Maynooth

Kildare Council

Tim Durkan

Tim was elected Deputy Mayor of Kildare County Council in June 2020, and held that office for twelve months.  He has been a Councillor since 2014, representing the Maynooth Electoral Area.

Tim’s focus is on the issues which most affect the people of the area, such as Housing, Roads, Footpaths, Public Lighting, Planning and the completion of unfinished housing estates as well as other issues.

The current housing crisis at Local Authority level needs to be tackled as a matter of urgency, a plan for the short term as well as the implementation of a medium to long term local authority building programme is required to bring this situation under control. Roads in North Kildare in general are subject to very heavy volumes of traffic, all roads throughout the area need to receive special attention on an annual basis with emphases on the strategic spending to offset the effects of exceptionally high traffic volumes. Planning Applications for planning permission for all types of development including domestic, retail and commercial for smaller scale applications need to receive sympathetic consideration in accordance with due process and noting the requirements of small local business enterprises in the ever changing economic situation and the need to recognise the housing needs of urban and rural communities. The completion of unfinished housing estates by way of the utilization of existing bonds or with the support provided in the 2014 Budget is an urgent priority which requires special attention in order to bring all developments up to date and in compliance with the conditions of the planning permission. I look forward to meeting with you in the time ahead to discuss these and any other issues you may wish to raise.

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Maynooth. Co. Kildare
W23 E5C0.