Over 5,800 additional new IDA jobs for Dublin in 2015 – Byrne

-   Catherine Byrne TD

Fine Gael TD for Dublin South Central, Catherine Byrne, has welcomed the positive employment figures for Dublin released this week by the IDA, saying that continued job creation will keep the recovery going in Dublin.

“In Dublin there are 652 companies supported by the Department of Jobs through the IDA, and they are employing 77,244 people.

“New figures released by the IDA show that 5,812 IDA jobs were added to the Dublin economy last year alone, an increase of 8% on the previous year.

“These are high quality jobs that have a really positive knock on effect in the wider Dublin economy. The IDA estimates that for every ten jobs created by foreign direct investment, a further seven are generated in the wider economy.

“In total, 23,291 IDA jobs have been added to the Dublin economy in between 2011 and 2015 under the Fine Gael/ Labour Government, an increase of 43% compared to 2010. By contrast, under the mismanagement of Fianna Fáil, 4,101 IDA jobs were lost in Dublin in the three short years from 2008- 2010.

“Fine Gael has a long term economic plan that will keep the recovery going in Dublin and the wider economy, and ensure a better quality of life for all. Job creation is crucial to this plan because having more people in work creates the resources to invest in better services such as childcare, healthcare and the justice system.

“We cannot return to the irresponsible economics of Fianna Fáil who wrecked the economy and would destroy the hard won recovery given half the chance. Likewise Sinn Féin’s high tax policies would destroy our job creation prospects in no time at all and would drive foreign direct investment out of the country.

“We must remain focused on the plan to continue creating jobs and keep the recovery going so that everyone can feel the benefit.” 

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